These Beauty Bloggers Rocks SilkAmazing Party like a Kpop Stars!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Good morning Ladies! I Hope you had an exciting and blasting weekend! Have you gone out for a movie? Done some shopping? Of perhaps said yes, for a weekend date with your beau?

Tell me about it! I would love to hear your stories here.


Meanwhile last week, I got to celebrate my Saturday with beauty blogger Amigas at Trinoma Mall, as we generously invited by Silka – joining them to party, celebrating its fifteen (15) years in business

15 years….

Ohh wait… 15 years!

It made me think how good this brand and products that it now celebrate it’s great milestone. Keep on counting!

It honestly gives me a bit of nostalgia (while watching and partly listening to the host blabbing about the brand and its achievements), it made me recall back my very first experience when I started using Silka Soap.

I remember those classic citrus-boxes that I usually saw on-display in the drugstore counter. Its scent is a combination of citrus-fruity scent with a hint of papaya.

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products
Yes, these babies!

I remember it feels heavenly each time I used it. My gay best friend recommended this to me in college when I noticed the sudden change on his complexion. He is already wearing a bit of a fair-tone skin... but months passed-by I noticed his fair-complexion improved even more. He told me his secret – he’s been using it religiously on his face and to his whole body. And he is happily using it for years.

When your bestie swears it, you will get excited to try it too.

And that’s what I did...

I enjoyed the scent – that heavenly citrus fruity scent with the hint of papaya...
But that didn’t make me look fairer.

I realized, “Damn I have super stronger melanin!”... Can’t beat those whitening scouts on me. LOL
I remembered then, I religiously use SkinWhite whitening lotion after bath, and before bedtime just to aim and prove what my bestie’s testimonials..


But at least I enjoyed that fresh and smooth feeling, and for that it makes me SMILE.

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

And now they celebrate 15-years in business! Oh my!

Every brand are so lucky to be staying on business for this long in spite of those on-going existence of more competitors, it was amazing!

Most of the products may come and go, just like uninvited guests, and some are got lucky to stick around – and build you relationships, until it becomes part of your experiences.

Few months back, while I’m in a supermarket for my weekend grocery routine, I saw this two (2) Korean guys (they are ahead to me in line) carrying two baskets of Silka whitening Papaya soaps (they literally hoarding) , LOL.

The Cashier lady gave them a smile and they replied back “These are good and cheap!”

No wonder Koreans are also obsessed having a fairer-skin. And this also proves that Silka works with Korean skin-type. :D

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

As part of its proud milestone, SILKA also shares to their fans of their newest and more improved products. They also turned the Trinoma Activity Centre into a fun and exciting place where you can tried their products for FREE while playing these simple games and challenges and have chance to win goodies!

Well in our case, we tried this dance booth with my blogger Amigas, and we got spontaneously and unleash those moves with Nikki’s Starships. It was totally fun!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Plus, they partnered with talented make-up artists in the city, giving their fans FREE make-over and celebrate being a woman!

PS. This make-up artist really does love what she’s doing, and it really shows to her works and style.

My blogger Amigas says she really good, unlike some make-up artists on other shows we’ve attended, who does makeover like a disaster.

She’s a TRUE artist – with genuine passion!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

How about watching and listening to live performances, and free drinks? Oh that’s fab!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Okay we honestly couldn’t help but associated our goodie boxes to the early 2000 hit game show “Pera or Bayong’" or even the “Who Wants to be a Millionnaire”, hahahha we even made a dancing-clip for this.

Now I wonder what I will do with this goodie box after I’ve finished its contents, LOL


What more fun to celebrate womanhood in the sunny Saturday in the city, than meeting with your Amigas, have a chit-chats and some catching-ups while enjoying the free fingers foods, live performances, and drinks from a generous host.

Plus a “Thank you” goodies!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

I’m also glad to see the modelesque-blogger Ruth, which I think she’s always a spice of the crowd hahahaha.

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Congratulations for SILKA on its 15th year, and I personally wish that your brand will gloriously exists make your fans continuously happy.

Maybe my future daughter(s) will also be your fan!

Silka Whitening products, best skin whitening products

Couldn’t help but share these cute paper-flower backdrop, which makes me inspired to do the same in my room for my selfie shoots, LOL. I’ve also got a chance to wear my outfits for this parteeyyyy!

PS. my outfits are all thrifted! Hihihihi
What’s your SILKAmazing memories? I would LOOOOOOOVVE to read it here!

xoxo, Blair

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  1. Wow, looks like you had a nice time with Silka! I wonder if I can find it in Italy too, since based on your description now I wish I could try it!

    1. You can try to look for it from Filipino stores in Italy :)

  2. Amazing items and rocking at 15 is superb. Great products.

  3. This looks really great! The videos show how much fun you girls have had:) it's always good to be in love with a particular brand! For me, it's L'Occitane

    1. Yes indeed! L'Occitane have amazing products that I could die for, lol. They also house my other bathroom corner, and sometimes they are soo pretty to use :)


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