12 Ways to Flirt Without Saying a Word

Flirting is not a bad thing. It is the way of showing your interest to opposite sex. Learn these tips of mine on how to flirt, in a most nicest way.. ssshhhh don't ever tell your man about this :)

1). Smile. For real. With teeth.
2). Friend him on Facebook, obviously. (But don't poke! Never poke. It's creepy.)
3). Grab his arm during the scary part.
4). Hand him a copy of a book you think he'd like, with all your clever marginalia scribbled inside.
5). Dance! With him or not.
6). Arm wrestle. Thumb war. Anything that gets you both a little competitive (and. OK, holding hands.)

7). Just be really, really good at whatever it is you do - tamale making, number crunching, karaoke. He'll notice.
8). Touch him somewhere un-erogenous - wrist, elbow - but also unnecessary.
9). In your Netflix or iPad queue: French movies only.
10). Invent a little gesture that says, "You. Here. Now."
11). Nudge your dog to flirt with his dog.
12), New target? Repeat all of the above that worked!

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