It's More Fun in Puerto Galera

it's not too late for us to spend the summer getaway to Puerto Galera.. well maybe coz it's gonna be a off-season but yeah this doesn't stop us to raid and dig our summer wear and sunblock and jump off to the beach of Mindoro. I'm gonna share you my lovely readers what we've done (with my wolf pack) on the pretty awesome island, that seems I wanna stay  longer (coz we only stayed overnight) hahaha

well anyway, we started from Ayala Avenue, Makati City which we rented a Nissan Urban Escapade from Sir Mike (Mobile at 0917.526.3016 / 0917.821.7460) and we left at almost 7am and took almost 2 hours drive to Batangas Port (because of the traffic). 

we arrived at Batangas Port at 9am, pretty awesome view! Luckily I have reserved our boat tickets from Daniel of Father and Sons Ferry (0929.898.8668) I've reserved 13 tickets, for round-trip for only Php580.00 per tickets (pretty cheapy cool).. actually they just charged us for 12 tickets and got 1 FREE.. hahaha he is nice, with nice service. If you're going to Puerto Galera contact this guy.

everyone of us are freakin excited (see my pic).. all I can say this is the cleanest and organized port I've seen! This is not huge as compared to Cebu Port, but Batangas Port is AMAZING! Two Thumbs-Up, people are so nice too :)

yeah these white-pack will never miss the NBA Miami vs Boston, luckily we can see it for free. 

and now riding a boat off to White Beach, Puerto Galera

.. me wearing my lax outfit.. beach hat, summer shades, runner jersey (coz its so loose my chest can breath), and my denim cut-off shorts. Thanks for Kuya Noli for capturing this :)

these guys totally cool and rock our trip

... we are going to a fabulous trip so I bring my fabulous bible with me.. Glamour Magazine (though its a back issue I still love it) Heidi Klum rock them denim

.. my advise.. do not go on a beach getaway ALONE.. go with your partner or your friends..

.. seawater is soo beautiful.. these photos captures on our way to White Beach

before getting on the beach don't forget to apply your sunblock.. Norman likes it.. the higher the SPF the better

.. guys officially this is my very first beer for 2012! Pretty great huh, drinking with my empty tummy

we ordered our lunch here, we are almost pissed coz the food almost served with more than an hour of waiting.. and we have finished eating in just 10mins! We are really starving. :)

with our tickets!

nope fellas.. we didn't stayed near the beach.. we rented a villa, about 10mins drive from the beach up to our rented place.. we need to go up with these stone steps, and it was exhausting at first but we didn't know it was heaven up there.

.. but oopss I haven't post here the villa yet.. will post it on my next entry.. just trust me it's freakin fabulous!
Thanks for FIRMOO for my shades :).. well Firmoo would you be able to send me more like this? haha

well here we are having of morning coffee at our rented villa.. I love this capture we really have a great time!
From the left: Nikki, Edge, C, Normz, Alex, Mayo and your belle!

yeah right we own this pool, overlooking the beach and this fantastic nature.. refreshing and solemn 

baking myself under Mr. Sun and its so i look hot?

I don't understand where did we've got those papaya but hello, who cares, we had a great time and this is just once LOL

.. pool with jacuzzi? yeah we are satisfied! Thanks to Amihan Villa 

we love soaking in this warm POOL!

well if you got soo lazy to go down and bake yourself under the sun.. you can plank yourself like this.. just see to is you just secured all your assets when you accidentally fall.. (do not do this, its dangerous)

our beautiful villa, that we rented so cheap and with nicest staffs ever.

on our second day, we had lunch in this eatery which offers unlimited rice. PERFECT!

and I ordered their specialty.. sorry I forgot what's called. 

having a good time.. Kuya Noli and Alex

these what happen when we drunk ourselves with Lolo's Mix, that drinking game is freakin' crazy, luckily I'd do my early exit.. but these crazy pack throw me in the pool in the middle of my beauty sleep.. totally crazy guys, but its so much fun!

lots of photos to be post.. well its really awesome and hope you guys visit Puerto Galera too!

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