A Beautiful World - Meet and Greet w/ Connie Talbot

A very talented and humble girl - Connie Talbot is been known world wide, with her angelic voice that captures most of the hearts in the whole world. I've seen her video-audition in Britain's Got Talent way back 2007, which she made one of the judge cried, and made Simon Cowell so proud. Then I've wished that someday I could have a chance to meet this little girl. And tonight my wished came true! Thanks to Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for bringing her in our country!

I've received a surprise invitation 3 days ago to watched Connie Talbot whose gonna perform at Venice Piazza, McKinley just near my place. I was soo surprised and got a bit shock... so I cancelled my other commitments, and grabbed my friend Ate Cherry to this event. 

We've waited at Dunkin Donuts and grab some sweets and brewed coffee.. hahaha I've bought also her latest album!

Yeah I am a proud fan of Connie Talbot!

Here's some of my shots of her while she performs tonight. She's soo pretty like a living doll, dressed in glittery grey dress, paired with her glittery black doll shoes.

She sang 4 songa from her latest album "Beautiful World" - "Fireflies", "Imagine", "Let it be", "Beautiful World" and one christmas song "White Christmas" which made us felt the joy of holiday season. 

I've managed to got my signed copy of her latest album, and a picture with her. Ohh I am so happy :)
I gave her my pink headband as a token of my appreciation for her. And she loves it!

Connie is very friendly. She always smile to very people, even she's tired.

Kids and parents audiences loves her so much, that we lined ourselves in order to meet her ..

with her very proud, loving and supportive parents, Mr Gavin Talbot and her mom Sharon Talbot.

 .. I also thank my very supportive friend Ate Cherry for coming along with me.. hehehe

my addition to my treasured possessions. I am so happy that this I considered as an advanced Christmas gift. Thank you Connie for visiting us here in the Philippines. Hope to see you next summer!

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  1. geoff says -
    What a lovely Blog about Connie's visit!
    Thanks for posting it Blair.


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