A Question for Credibility and Integrity? Bloggers Word War for Suzy Menkes's Complaints about Bloggers

As fashion bloggers, we are very glad that our readers appreciate the styling and art that we've created - which includes studying not only the basics, but also accessorizing it, make it stand-out, unique and show our true-self. Aside from receiving unexpected comments from our worldwide readers, and social media exposures, we are very felt "giggly" when our names are been recognized by different company brands, and PR agencies. And our "giggly" turns into more exciting when we've started to received exclusive invitations for appearances in various society events, and brand launching. And what IF you have received an exclusive invitation to attend the FASHION WEEK seating in the FRONT-ROW?! .... obviously our hearts and minds are in the Cloud 9..

Why I am telling you this? 

It is because these things makes us happy, right? We are happy that our efforts are going to its right track. Like in my case, I started blogging for the sake of my hobby.

If you are following what's going-on in the recent New York and London Fashion Week - fashion sites, online newspapers and magazines, tells that fashion is now dominated by the newest crowd - The Bloggers. Most of the people in the industry likes it, but not ALL, including the essay,  The Circus of Fashion of Suzy Menkes (published in T Magazine) laments that the focus of the biannual Fashion Week has shifted from the actual presentations of the people who stand and "peacock" outside them, waiting to be captured in outfits seemingly engineered to make photographers pay attention. 

"You can hardly get up the steps at Lincoln Center, in New York, or walk along the Tuileries Garden path in Paris because of all the photographers snapping at the poseurs. Cameras point as wildly at their prey as those original paparazzi in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita.” But now subjects are ready and willing to be objects, not so much hunted down by the paparazzi as gagging for their attention."

Menkes's article, which ultimately questions whether bloggers have been good or bad for the industry, received so many responses that the International Herald Tribune issued a press release. To date, Susanna Lau of Style Bubble, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Isabel Wilkinson of The Daily Beast, and Khadijat Yussuff of Youth Savage have penned or promised responses. Here's a look at just a little of what's been said. 

Leandra Medine: "It doesn't seem quite fair to peg the bloggers that have actually become 'famous' as such just for being famous. When I think Tavi Gevinson or Susie Bubble or Emily Weiss or, on the street spectrum, Tommy Ton, I think recognition based on the merit of astounding work."

Susie Lau: "I do want to address this issue after Fashion Week hubbub has died down, as I haven't quite figured how I feel yet, but for now, I suppose I have nothing to do except to go right ahead and confirm Menkes's exact suspicions: that we are all peacocking, however much we doth protest."

Isabel Wilkinson: "You can't hate on all the fashion bloggers in the world just because you can't get into your seat at a fashion show without having to walk past a few of them. And they may be swaddled in astrakhan when you see them, but not all fashion bloggers have had it easy. . . . Many have started their blogs from scratch and invariably hustled to make money off of them. Some are real entrepreneurs."

Khadijat Yussuff: "I think she fails to take into account the fact that a lot of these people are dressing for one another and themselves. . . . The point of personal style is that there is a trademark that is uniquely yours that you have developed and edited over time. And so what if it's out there, crazy, or impractical?"

... and now, your witty comments on this (issues). :)

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  1. i agree with the last two comments written above from isabel and Khadijat. lets say that we are all fashion blogger are peacocking and wearing these gorgeous fashion outfits, still our very own trademark and own style and personality is the most important. Well, I dont really care that much to those people who doesnt know how to appreciate someone else's success. hehe Goodluck! x0x0 =)

    1. you are right, we'll I guess there are really some individuals who are bashing the bloggers, because the "culture" is changing... bloggers are the new breed of medias

  2. it's not easy to be a fashion blogger. You have to live with it, become your passion . I guess just like in any career, we cannot please everybody.

    1. .. we can't please everybody but, it's still "thumbs-up" to show our true personality.. Thanks for visiting Melandria :)

  3. And even in abroad there a lot of issues with bloggers! All along I was thinking it was only here in Manila who has major issues.

    1. ... yeah, but at least they do it in a classy way.. unlike some known fashion bloggers here who really hurt each other - physically, emotionally, etc.. kakaloka... Anu na kaya nangyari sa "case" nila? (Gossips!)

  4. I think people in general should dress up accordingly and in whatever clothes that make them feel comfortable ; )


    1. ... super agree! Even in my case, I am still prefer the basics...

  5. For bloggers in general, we just have to keep it real and set our own standards, be consistent and be respectful. That way, we also earn the respect and credibility in the long run.

  6. I am really apprehensive on approaching another fashion bloggers. Kasi medyo mataray ang dating. I did once. Napahiya lang ako. So I hope I can still have friends na fashion/beauty blogger din. I know meron at meron akong magiging friend.

    1. oohh dear, I am very glad to be one of your good friend.. heheehehe let's chat sometime


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