How to get your NBI Clearance just a CLICK away and no SWEAT

Yesterday while in the middle of sorting my legal documents, I've just remember how quickly I've got my documents (of course in a legal way) especially my NBI Clearance. We all know here in the Philippines that most of the time, documents are very hard to get... well, not because it's not available but because you need to wait hell of time to get it. I'm gonna teach you the trick (but not the famous gray-areas). NBI Clearance now are very easy to get, all you have to do is to register yourself online via and once you've registered, you can fill-up this online application. 

But before anything else, here's you need to do. Pay the processing fee via GCASH or to any Globe Payment Centers nationwide. It was formerly cost Php115 for the employment purpose and travel purpose, but with unknown circumstances, they raised it to Php140 (well anyway, it's just money). Plus additional Php20.00 for the GCASH, and that's it. GCASH Office will give you the receipt with your REFERENCE NUMBER, so don't ever lost your receipt. If you have your own GCASH Account, you can type - GCASH text <Amount> (space) MPIN and send to 28829175638053

You need your reference number to register/order your NBI Application online. After your registration, you will received a confirmation, and your QR Code to your email. Print it and visit the NBI Office located at U.N. Avenue, Manila anytime from 8:00AM til 5:00PM. Some say you need to send a text message to book for your appointment, but I suggest forget about that. You can go without your appointment, and in my experience, you will served well.

Here's the sample email confirmation I've got. (I've distorted my QR Code and hide my other infos for security purposes)

Make sure you have your printed QR Code with you when you visit the NBI Office. And please, don't print it in a scratch paper fellas. Make it decent. Government Offices are one of the respectful offices (no matter how huge the gray-areas are), so be dress nicely and presentable, but not over-do it. Don't go with your high mini skirts, sleeveless top, and flip-flops. You don't want to be humiliated, right? So don't dare to test it. a simple T-shirt and jeans with closed shoes is perfect. And don't ever forget to bring your own pen. I find these people who forgot something so irresponsible, especially a pen. It's like going to a battle, with your guns not loaded. 

When you've reached the office, go straight to the 4th Floor Office, where the E-clearances services cater. It is not a crowded place, and it's air-conditioned. The office will get your application, get your finger prints, and your photo. Well don't forget also to bring along your valid ID. After this process, they will give you the date when you can pick-up your NBI Clearance (unfortunately they still don't offer delivery services) so you need to pick-up your clearance at their office. It will take only 5 days of waiting to get it. 

When you visit the office to get your processed NBI Clearance, bring along young validated receipt and present it in the Releasing Area located at the ground floor, and that's it. NO more waiting with long line, no more sweating, and this tip will ease having your early signs of wrinkles. 

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  1. bakit gnun, nung nag register aq, my error message na lumlbs..Please make sure you have not mistyped your reference number and payment date/birthdate.

    1. HI Suzette, please check your details, maybe you mis-type your details to the form. Thanks for visiting us, and hope this article helps you. :)

    2. ganyan din prob ko ,, ganyan din ung error n lumalabas xken ,, eh wala nman aq lalagyan dun ng bday q ,, fter ng ref. no ung date n kung kelan aq nagbayad na agad..

  2. Hi ms. suzette ivy pulgado

    i would like to ask if you have resolved your error regarding NBI? i have also experienced the same thing :( thank you!

    1. Hello Ladies!

      Sometimes the NBI website is having errors, according to the system administration might be cause of overloading. But they are trying their best to fix the errors. In my friend's case, he tried to register twice before he got his request...


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