6 Steps to a More Confident YOU

Having confidence is a state of mind but sometimes it’s not easy to ‘get there’. How to feel good about yourself, be able to make conversation with just anyone, and handle any issue with a smile on your face? Here are simple steps to help you get more self-assurance.

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1. Love Yourself
Having an essentially positive attitude toward yourself, your personality and appearance, is a key to gaining confidence. First step to get it is simple: tell yourself every day aloud in the mirror: “I love you. You are amazing”. It might look funny and sound awkward, and sometimes it really isn't easy, but with time it will be just natural and you will start to believe it fully.

2. Know your Strengths
Make a list of what you do well. Find every tiny detail in your life, every small or big thing you are good at, from cooking or learning new things, remembering birthdays, to solving problems or having great gift ideas. Then read it over regularly to remind yourself how skillful and worthy you are. 

3. Beware Comparisons
Stop making comparisons. We all have things to offer but our skills may be very different to those of others. Life would be boring if we were all the same! Just be yourself and remember that you are unique in your own way. Confidence is the key. If you don’t believe in yourself nobody else will.

4. Dress Well
Clothes make the man. So make it strong and confident one. Feeling good about what you’re wearing is an instant way of injecting confidence into your life. When you dress well and look good you automatically feel better. This way you can boost your attitude, self-confidence and feel good about whom you are.

5. Use Positive Affirmations
Visualizing yourself as a confident person is one way to create a confident mentally. Positive affirmations also help. Find a couple or use our suggestions below) and just repeat them to yourself any time throughout the day when you feel a little down.

6. Fake it
You can gain confidence by acting like a confident person. Move like one, act so, use similar gestures. Stand up straight and believe in yourself! Simply ‘fake it til you make it’! Nobody needs to know that you’re cringing underneath your confident mask. Eventually you’ll no longer need to pretend. You’ll become a real self-confident person.

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