Fashion Upcycling: From Over-sized T-shirt into a Fabulous New Top Blouse

Hello gals!

Not most of you know that one of my oldest hobby is sewing. I've started to learn sewing during my 4th grade. My mom has her own sewing machine and I enjoyed watching her, cutting beautiful fabrics and have those colorful threads. It was my first love. 

Last few weeks ago, I've got this project done and I really like the result. At first, I can't decide what to wear for the UNIQLO Fashion Show, and buying a new clothes is not an option for me that time. So I decided to upcycled my over-sized T-Shirt, that I've got from a friend as a gift - a souvenir shirt from Australia, with a beautiful aboriginal prints. I've got all my sewing stuffs and I started to do some magics!

First I've made a pattern out of newspaper, then I placed it to my T-shirt and start cutting off the excess. I cut-off the sleeves and cutting an arc in the hemline, and after hand-sewing (ohh yes, I don't have my sewing machine here) then here's the finished project.

Look at this design? Isn't it beautiful? For me it's unique and I believe it will stand-out.

I've paired it with my rusty-colored shorts, black leggings and my black boots. Very casual but chic (and economical). I've successfully pull-it, without swiping my magic cards.!

Yes this is only hand sewed. I have perfected hand sewing for many years and I am proud of it. :D I am excited also for my other upcycle projects and new designs, so just stay tune gals!

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