Ladies Who Lunch: Lunch Party at Yoshinoya with Miss Earth 2013 Candidates, my blogger friends, and my own thoughts to save Mother Earth.

Years ago way back in high school, I always get excited about beauty pageants - talking about my favorite bets with my friends, how pretty and sexy they are, how well done their make-ups and also they all have nice hair. I do remember that I always get contented watching them in a live TV telecast parading and striding wearing their towering heels, striking some pose for the cameras and waving hello to all their audience, some giving flying kisses... I feel the "ooohh" moment somehow - admiring their beauty and brains, and thinking how lucky these girls are.

And then last Friday, some magical things happen, when I got invited to have a lunch party with these gorgeous Miss Earth Candidates came from different parts of the globe who will compete for this year's title. I feel like a little girl who's soo excited and so thankful for my so-called fairy godmother / blogger Cha Shy ( publisher of ) well she knows I can't say never in this :D

We had lunch at Yoshinoya in Glorietta 1 with our other fabulous blogger friends. And yeah we can't help ourselves to be soo giggly, even Rain who admit to himself he is definitely lucky (btw he's a dude). We had so much fun having chit-chatting with them, enjoying the well-served foods (thanks Yoshinoya, review coming up!) and meeting new people. Sitting here with me is Lyu Ying Li (Miss Chinese Taipei) and Jeanine Ottenhof (Miss Bonaire)

They are all smiling and very nice even they are already tired (part of the job). I overheard some ladies jokingly complaining about their tiring feet but then, they are happy being here in the Philippines! They keep themselves always in good vibes, and even doing their own make-up - yes no PAs! Photo with Josephine Mikuta Poulsen representing Miss Denmark. Now sometimes I wish I have a blonde hair and bluer eyes... but still I love what I've got :)

Sitting here is our country's darling Angelee Delos Reyes from Olangapo City, which my blogger friends said has a resemblance with the Filipino actress Angel Locsin

If there's a Miss Congeniality competition, I would definitely bet for Nita Sofiani (representing Miss Indonesia). She's very bubbly and friendly to her co-candidates, to us media and to the restaurant staff. I rarely do a selfie photo, but this one is soo cool! She's a famous make-up artist in Indonesia and I hope I could meet her again on my future trip.

The Beauties Chloe Othen (Miss England), Jennifer Gonzale-Roxas and Natalia Lermanda (Miss Chile)

Rain Ferdinand DE Ocampo cozying up with Angelee Delos Reyes (Miss Philippines)

Miss Denmark  Josephine Mikuta Poulsen with my fairy godmother/blogger Cha Sy 

Wished I wore my heels!

Say HELLO to my readers from Curacao and Equador! Here's your bets - Archangela Garcia as Miss Curacao and Ana Maria Weir as Miss Equador. 

A sweet HELLO from Miss Singapore - Vanessa Hee

... and a sweetest smile for you from Miss Chinese Taipei Lyu Ling Yi

All of us can help to save our Mother Earth - we all have our own version of crown, and it's our choice on how to use and share it. There are also hundreds of ways to define BEAUTY but the important thing is the one that comes from the heart. Physical beauty will easily fade away like our Mother Earth, if we don't act now. Let's help each other to save what's worth saving, especially for our future generations. The ladies shows us that we can held hand-in-hand and be stronger to help each other, like your own brothers and sisters. 

Coming up my restaurant review for Yoshinoya and more Miss Earth photos on my next post. Also I am inviting you to watch on your TV screen the Miss Earth 2013 Coronation Night on December 07 at Versailles Hotel, Alabang.

Kisses girlfriends!

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