5 Unusual (& Essential) Social Media Tools for Bloggers

The tools I’m sharing today will help you learn more about social media, SEO and other crucial digital marketing tips for your blog. They also help you dive deeper into your social media profiles: who you’re following, who follows you, when to post and where to find new, interesting people to follow. Why is this data important to you as a blogger? The more you understand your social media ‘footprint’ and audience, the more you know about people who read your blog – and why.


HubSpot is essential a software company focused on inbound marketing tools. However, if you ever want to know anything about social media marketing, HubSpot’s Marketing Library is the perfect place to start. I think I’ve downloaded every e-book they’ve made and watched a good portion of their webinars too.  Their blog is a simple, easy-to-read one to follow for the latest happenings in social media (like Twitter’s new photo-in-stream update.)


Moz is aninbound marketing company who’s amassed an incredibly loyal community – that contributes to its bank of content. Growing your audience is one thing, but getting them to act and do things on your site is quite another! I love Moz as a resource for everything SEO-related. Start with their beginner’s guide to SEO, and move onto their community blogs from there.


Are you curious what your Twitter followers & followings are like? FollowerWonk (a Moz app) gives you a snapshot look at exactly that. Plug in your Twitter handle to view a breakdown of where your followers are located, what times of day they’re most active, when you’re the most active, and more. You can also use FollowerWonk to sort your followers, track follower growth, and search Twitter bios for new and interesting people to follow.

Simply Measured

While FollowerWonk gives you a snapshot, Simply Measured gives you a canvas – then allows you to paint as much as you want on it. Simply Measured has a ton of free analytics reports you can use to analyze your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine, Pinterest and Google+ profiles. In my Twitter follower report alone, I learned the top keywords of my followers (i.e. social media, fashion, Seattle); how big my top followers’ audiences were, and which top brands were following me. And those are just the free reports! You can pay for premium reports, and all reports are available for download in Excel and PowerPoint – where you can play around with the stats and customize the reports exactly how you need to. This type of data is so clutch when it comes to convincing brands why they should work with you!


Rapportive is an add-on for your Safari, Chrome, Mailplane or Firefox browser. It’s essentially a plug-in for your Gmail account; a sidebar that expands to show social media profiles and additional contact information for the person you’re emailing. It’s not perfect (sometimes pulling up only partial or outdated information), but this can be a great way to see if your contacts at PR firms, boutiques and brands have a social media presence you can follow and communicate with outside of email.

Any unusual social media tools that have been helpful for you?

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