Introduce Yourself to a Fashion Publicist with this Handy Email Template

One of the questions I get asked often by bloggers is what exactly they should write when introducing themselves to a fashion/brand PR agency for the first time, and it is one of the more common deliverables that I create for the fashion and beauty bloggers I worked with for the past years. Here is a simple template you can modify to make the first move.

Dear [name],


I hope you are doing well. [Something about the weather/season/the fact they just got back from Belize]. Congrats on [recent bit of press coverage/celebrity event attendance/collection launch for client X].


My name is [name] and I’m a [location]-based [fashion/style/beauty/lifestyle] blogger with a background in [marketing/retail/photography/]. My site, [name of site] aims to [inspire/educate/explore ] [goth teens/college-aged women/young professionals/clueless dudes] about how to [increase their style confidence/explore luxury fashion/DIY their wardrobe] through features and articles like [Daily Outfits/Shopping Hauls/Stylist Q&As].


Most recently, I was [a featured panelist at ______ ], which was very exciting. I get an average of about XX blog visit per month and have a combined social media following of XX.


I’d love to be added to your media list for any events or opportunities that would be a fit for my site. I cover [fashion/beauty/weddings/children’s fashion/handbags], and I am especially interested in [connecting with you a collaboration idea I have about X/attending your next pop-up/learning more about your clients and how we might work together.


Please let me know if my blog sparks any partnership ideas. As a quick example, I'd love to [style/feature/learn more about] [client X].

Thoughts? I look forward to connecting further,


This is, of course, just a guide, but hopefully by ensuring that you include the following broad elements you can begin to develop mutually beneficial relationships with fashion PR agencies. Do you have a different approach? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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