Front view of Stone Nullah Tavern

Fried Artichokes hearts, mints, lemon and bottarga aioli

Maple barbeque glazed bacon, sweet potato, gorgonzola aioli

ovaltine ice cream

mini 'meatloaf' burger, cheddar. spicy ketchup, mayo, homemade bacon plus bourbon and spicy pickleback

fat kid cake

smoked cauliflower, curry vinaigrette, crispy quinoa, coriander

Chicken fried tenderloin, with sausage gravy

fried apple pie

Hot Fries

Mac and Cheese, egg yolk and cheddar

cremini mushrooms, charred scallions, chorizo, fish sauce

Mussels Menudo Broth, Tripe with Crispy Homini

Pig's Head Nachos, Chilli con Testa, Salsa Cheddar, Crispy Ears

Buffalo Oysters with Blue Cheese


selection of pickles

greens kale, lilies, lemon

Stone Nullah Tavern is one of those places you crave after a long busy day. The venue is stylish and urban while creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The spacious bar entrance is the perfect spot to enjoy a few cocktails or pints before moving into the cozy dining area for a bite to eat. We loved the sharing style menu serving up delicious New American cuisine. Think some of your favourite comfort food classics with distinct culinary flair. The produce is all incredibly fresh and delicious, with daily veggies delivers straight from HK's organic farm, Homegrown Foods. Our favourite dishes included the Fried Artichoke Hearts, the Mussels in a menudo broth, the tender Maple BBQ Glazed Bacon and the delicious Mini "Meatloaf" Burger with Bourbon & Spicy Pickleback chasers. Always leave room for the eccentric and tantalizing desserts. Who can turn down something called "Fat Kid Cake" that is served with a typical birthday cake candle? A definite Hungry HK favourite and a perfect place to have a great night with friends. 

Stone Nullah Tavern
G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai
3182 0128

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