One of the most expensive city based on the recent Bloomberg ratings, Hong Kong Island have achieved its long greatness in terms of economical status, and it is amazing how they can manage and maintain its rich natural resources. Just look at those luscious trees and other greens that you could see. It is so nice to see these view, and I did enjoyed our roadtrip - thanks for my loving partner, for giving me this pleasure and driving me around. I couldn't get enough watching it over our car's window (literally I'm like a puppy). Transportation services and the road per se are very impressive - we drove so smoothly, and we experienced smooth traffic flow. It was amazing!
There are lots of places and things to enjoy in Hong Kong, not only about doing shopping sprees, and visiting amusement parks. It's nature's richness is marvelous, that you shouldn't missed.

we started driving around at 3:00pm having the same weather just like in Manila.

These towering residences are exclusively for the Elites of the Island. I can't remember exactly the name of these buildings. It was almost perfect - towering in a hillside over-looking the sparkly white-sand beach. It was weekend then, so lots of people enjoying beach.

 Most of the roads in Hong Kong Island are very narrow, but do you believe that it is rarely to have an accident here? It is because most of the drivers are responsible enough to give way and share the narrow road. Though during rainy season the roads are slippery and dangerous, still they can managed to drive smoothly with less traffic congestion, and low rate of accidents.

They used these tunnels making it easier to drive across the island in just few hours,

Over looking the old international airport - the new airport is now in a man-made island called Lantau Island.

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