Pampering weekend at Intercontinental Hotel Grand Stamford, Kowloon Hong Kong

Do you believe that, "All work and no play makes John a dull boy.. ?"

After our whole week of stressing (even slaving) ourselves to work and finishing our deadlines, we should always make a little effort to reward ourselves, for slaving our mind and body. That's the reason why weekends are made to have a break for our mundane chores, and spend time with our other life - with family, friends, lovers, etc. - or spending time for ourselves per se.
It's time for some little pampering - going to the spa for an hour massage, get your new mani-pedi treatment, get a new haircut, etc. By doing this, we can replenish our energy and spirit, and the next thing we knew, we are ready to face new challenges on the next morning.

In my case, I've got lucky to be treated for some pampering overseas. Staying in a luxury hotel, enjoying its renowned facilities, having a swim, eat great food (will make a separate post for the foodies), and enjoying the place it has to offer. I did enjoyed my weekend-pampering, and I've very thankful!

Hotel: Intercontinental Hotel - Grand Stamford
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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