How to Care Skin that is Suffering from Overtime Work

If you are one of those experiencing rough skin due to frequent drinking and overtime work, you must remember following tips so that your skin could revive in 2014.

The first thing recommending is applying ampoule. Many people are probably experiencing lack of sleep at the end of the year. Thus, using ampoule will brighten up the skin tone and provide glow on skin. In addition, ampoule is mostly extracts of powerful ingredients so it could supply excessive nutrition to skin.

The second item is facial mask. When one feels stressed out from overtime work, heat goes up to face and causes pimples on skin. Therefore, using facial mask that was stored in refrigerator is highly recommended as it provides cooling effect and revitalizes skin condition.

The last recommended item is sleeping mask. Unlike usual facial mask, sleeping pack continues to provide moisture and nutrition to skin all night while one sleeps. As a result, one could feel the skin tightened and brightened much more than last night. 

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