Detlef Klatt celebrates the art of dining with an attractive, ready-to-buy collection of table accessories developed in collaboration with 17 manufacturers who are experts in working with materials such as abaca (a plant fiber), ceramic, wood, metal, capiz, mother of pearl, and other natural materials.
On three 13-meter long tables, baskets and bowls, trays and centerpieces, and tablecloths and placemats are laid out in an extraordinary presentation - a play of patterns, textures, and shapes that masterfully blend the table, products and surrounding elements to create still-life compositions that speak of a love for feasting and merrymaking.

Detlef Klatt is a German florist and designer who has had many of his works published in Germany and abroad. His work includes exhibition design and product development for various wholesale companies in Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and China. He did a lot of consultancy and product development for the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) and the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM). In 2003, he co-founded and served as creative director of O living GmbH, an interior design company that offers top quality, Philippine-made products to the most discriminating clientele from more than 50 countries all over the world.

You may also contact the following suppliers for their newest design pieces.

Asia Ceramics Corporation -
Asia Embroidery Inc. -
Basket & Weaves Handicrafts Manufacturing -
Bon-Ace Fashion Tools, Inc -
Celestrial Arts, Inc -
Chanalli, Inc. -
CSM Philippines, Inc. -
GlobeAsia Nature Industries -
Maria Vinecraft, Inc. -
MCCA Industrial Corporation -
Oricon Corporation -
Phil & Scandinavian DEsign, Filtra Inc -
Prado Filipino Artisans, Inc -
Robles Heritage, Inc. -
Shell Arts Co., Inc. -
Shelmed Cottage Treasures -
Tadeco, In. -

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