Claudia says that choosing pieces to fit her newly renovated apartment was always going to be a challenge. “We rent so finding a blank space at the best of times can be hard going. Saying that, stumbling across our newly renovated three bedroom apartment has been a godsend. The owners made some great choices with the layout and used neutral bases: blonde wood floors and white walls. And never having had a designated dining space was a real thrill for me and has ended up being the space I concentrated on most.”

A novelty it may be, but I wonder if the dining room is the most important to Claudia.
“Anyone who knows me or reads my blog will know how important my office is. It has undergone many different looks and since this shoot has been updated yet again. The light is important, I need a bright airy space that could be minimal if I felt cluttered or highly styled when I was in the mood – so the basic white foundations are important in maintaining that balance.”

As a stylist, Claudia’s knack for spotting those hard to find highly prized possessions is always on alert. “Every time I go “op” shopping I’m secretly hoping to come across some amazing piece that will help me to transform a room no matter how satisfied I think I am with it. Things become stale quickly when you’re immersed in interiors, so accessories are always on high rotation. “For instance, since moving in to our place eight months ago the bedroom has witnessed the arrival of four different pairs of lamps. I know, I have severe issues when it comes to lamps and chairs but the feeling of fresh new bedding and a new lamp brings me no greater joy.

Claudia said that when she is not rejigging a space constantly and a month’s gone by without the urge to rearrange. It is only then that she knows she’s got it right.

In terms of her own design aesthetic Claudia believes she has a very clear picture of what’s “me” but what she isn’t sure about is whether it fits into a certain style or not.
I would say I’m a mix of natural history/curiosities and so little some mid-century modern thrown in. I have friends who have very bohemian style, some are completely vintage and some high fashion minimalist and I love each one on its own. I can totally appreciate on industrial chair but would I have this look in my home? Probably not.”

Like many savvy stylists and designers today, Claudia has one eye on the item in question while the other’s on her purse. “I am always so proud to say, ‘Oh this chair? That’s a $50 Vinnies find.’ I always look for ways to make my home less generic and more personal and I do not believe that cost comes into that at all. I don’t agree that your Eames chair is more valuable than, say my lovingly restored French tub seat.”

Claudia is working towards a career dedicated on styling and blogging, but currently she still works in management in the not-for-profit field in relationships. “It’s rewarding at times and also frustrating. “This has influenced how I relate to people and how I choose to carve out my time. I make more deliberate choices and try to be more thoughtful, less impulsive. This translates into how I approach a room, which can sometimes be overwhelming when it’s a blank slate. The possibilities are endless and honing your eye in takes practice!”

Right now Claudia has much to work on and think about, not to mention the couple’s first baby on the way. In the short term she plans to develop her portfolio, continue blogging, stay inspired and connected to the world of interiors.

“I really wouldn’t mind if I continued on like I am now for the next few years. I’m pretty free flowing and I believe that the right things will come to me. I’ve just got to be ready to take then on!”

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