Stylish Uniform? Definitely! Red Planet teams up with Uniqlo in style

Red Planet Hotels teams up with Uniqlo to exclusively supply staff uniforms for all of its hotels. Red Planet worked closely with Uniqlo to carefully select various uniform styles for hotel front desk staff to accurately reflect both brands' character and appeal.

Red Planet Hotels CEO Tim Hansing said it was a "fantastic endorsement" for the company to be working alongside Uniqlo, representing the fun and flair that Red Planet Hotels strives to provide for its guests.

"Uniqlo is an incredibly strong brand which is admired amongst our key guest demographics for being relevant in style and through the value it provides its customers," Hansing said.

Red Planet aims to achieve similar goals for our guests. Within the value hotel sector we are developing and growing a brand that delivers significant booking technology innovations and up-to-date destination information in addition to thoughtful design and style.

"It goes without saying that our staff enjoy wearing their Uniqlo uniforms - they add a stylish spark to our lobbies."

The company's hotel design enhancements add flair to a hotel sector in Asia. After launching its new brand across the region in July, it opened flagship hotels in Manila and Tokyo and in December will open a further hotel in Bangkok, it’s second in the Thai capital.

"In terms of the partnerships we have created and the technology we have developed and continue to upgrade, we know we are making our brand highly desirable to travellers looking for more from the value hotel sector," Hansing added.

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