Would you Date a Guy with Uncut Penis?

In reality, the ratio of uncut men is synonymous with the number of circumcised men.

We can't blame these uncircumcised men - a procedure under the knife sometimes scares the shit out of you.

Just think about undergoing surgery, and the healing process (ugh) the main reason why most of the men (sometimes with their moms) have done it during their puberty stage.

"Does a circumcised penis performs better than uncircumcised?"

A non-stop question /debate most of my girlfriends, and some selected close guy friends have been asking me.

Mind you, dear, the penis doesn’t perform without its owner.

Some women are just like Charlotte:

... you talking to me, babe?

A woman who likes perfection, or better say a perfect-cut penis. Or just like Miranda who likes to see all out there, no surprises.

I remember I dated a long time this guy, who really freaked me out at first when I saw his penis (though it’s circumcised) still have some excess skin attached to the point it's hanging.

Though it was an awkward situation at first, it went well and did its duty (at that time he’s my first). Or maybe I could say it did well because I’m emotionally involved with that guy.

But I couldn’t deny the fact it kind of awkward giving him a blowjob with that excess-hanging skin.

ohh uh.. awkward..

And yes, I couldn’t deny the fact that the circumcised penis is beautiful. I could see the whole package without hiding or searching for something – it’s all out there – especially when it is huge, hard and proud, ready to face the hottest battle. And yes, quite easy for me to give a blow job.

But I didn’t say that uncircumcised men low-performers. What I do like about it is, uncircumcised men try harder to please you – they also know how to use, and when to use it.

And is good using their other parts of their body. How can I say that? I dated 8 of them :D

So would you date uncircumcised men?

Don’t be lure with your early judgment – just go with the flow and date that guy.

Relationships are not all about the aesthetics and the sizes of their penis.

It is about two people having a consented understanding, leading to something beautiful.

Well, that promising, isn’t?

Always remember:

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xoxo, Blair

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  1. Sorry. But this is stupid opinon- I understand if someones foresin doesnt work and it's small - in this case need any operation. But men with normal (long) foreskin looks much better than without

  2. I prefer circumcised guys. Neat, with that beautiful head on display.


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