Where to Resize Your Ring in Manila?

What will you do when you got a ring that doesn’t fit you perfectly?

Honestly I felt a little worried that I might lost it! But not disappointed since I always believe there is a solution on every problem.

A few months back, my amore gave me a diamond ring as a present. Ooppss this ring is NOT an engagement ring! LOL

There’s this funny story. In the middle of our random conversation, he gave me this little blue box and suddenly I felt speechless…. And frozen… I literally felt my body gone stiff.

And it was kinda embarrassing because the amore caught me with my reaction. I saw him smiling and felt my arms and whispered “that isn’t an engagement ring... yet”.


I was relieve with that realization. Now I know am not ready yet for that next level.

However, I am so ready to wear that gifted ring! LOL

Of course I wouldn’t say no for that gift.

However, his smile have changed when he realized it doesn’t fit me. “But I asked the lady I need size 5!” he said.

The ring was size 8!

I thought I could add a necklace and made it as a ring pendant, however I know how clumsy I am. It would be pity if I lost it somewhere.

So I told him that I will take care of it.

Where to Resize Your Ring in Manila?

Then the next day, we visited the Karat Philippines at SM MOA for my ring resize. Unfortunately, they told me that I would take 20-days before I get my resized ring! That is ridiculous and unacceptable!

I previously work in a pawnshop and we have an in-house blacksmith, so I know that it would not take 20-days to resize a ring. And I have that trust issues about jewelries, so we leaved the Karat-branch.

So ridiculous.

Then I remember my bestfriend when to this jeweler repair shop in Quezon City, who did hers resized.

JWC Jewelry Repair and Cleaning Services

After a week, I decided to visit JWC - Jewelry Repair and Cleaning Services located at Banawe Manresa, Quezon City.

This shop which is located at the 2nd Floor of 238 Banawe Mall is a heaven sent to me.

The transaction is very straight forward. I met the owner Kuya Jude who takes care of my ring resized. We made an initial consultation, making sure I am decided to make it done.

After measuring my right ring size, and filing-up a form, Kuya Jude told me to come back after an hour, and my ring is ready. So I take my time and decided to have my lunch at the next Chinese restaurant.

JWC Jewelry Repair and Cleaning Services

After my lunch, I went back to the shop and Kuya Jude greeted me with his welcoming smile.
Yey my ring is now resized! I was in bliss!

I couldn’t be happier, now that I could wear my diamond ring 

I was only charged Php785.00 for the services. Geez that is already a good deal for me, considering their good services and professionalism.

where to resize ring in Manila

where to resize ring in Manila

JWC Jewelry Repair and Cleaning Services offers other services such as soldering chains for necklace and bracelets, cleaning & buffing, ring sizing, resetting of diamonds and gemstones, engraving, stern & crown, band adjustments, and custom designs.

They are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30AM to 5:00PM, and Sundays at 10:30AM to 2:00PM.

You may also book your appointment with them. Just contact them at 0917-830-3735 / (02) 668-1577.

You may also visit their JWC Facebook Page

ring resize Manila

JWC Jewelry Repair and Cleaning Services
2nd Floor 238 Banawe Mall, Banawe Street,
Brgy. Manresa Quezon City Philippines

Disclaimer: This is #NotSponsored post. I highly recommend this shop because of their good services and professionalism. Thumbs for Kuya Jude’s team!

xoxo, Blair


  1. useful information for those who need this resize service in Manila. I am not a ring person. I wear it very rarely and then I forget about wearing one totally!

    1. Yeah, if I didn't send it to resize, probably I might lost my ring!

  2. Thanks for the great info. I have several rings (my wife's rings) that need to be resize. Perhaps can try here too when we travel to Philipines soon. Nice sharing :)

  3. that ring looks perfectly fit on you, so beautiful. Such a great info for those whom been looking to resize their ring at Manila 😁

  4. Wow, thanks for this information! Will definitely drop by to this place with my rings if I'm happen to travel to Manila! =) Thanks!

  5. thanks fpor sharing this info. i might need it someday

  6. That is so cheap and fast. Nice sharing

  7. ahhh, i found this. lolz... my philipine friend did asked me about any blogger sharing about where to resize the ring. thanks god i read your blog and now i can ease her sadness. thanks a lot ya!!

  8. 20 days to get your ring resized is indeed a long time.. kinda ridiculous. Glad you found different place. beautiful ring!

    1. I know right?! Its crazy and quite dangerous if your ring happens to have expensive stones.

  9. Your ring is stunning. and it really fits on you after you resize it. I think I need to share this to friends who residing there in Manila, Philippines.

    1. Thank you Shub. Yeah I felt relieve when its finally resized.

  10. Thanks for the informative sharing! The shop looks small but it has what it takes for their service. Glad that you able to wear the ring now at ease =)

    1. Yeah it is small and it doesn't need to be huge shop. I'm happy my ring was resized.

  11. Unbelievable. When it will be available in Malaysia...


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