Meeting Troll Cosmetics

Troll Cosmetics

Taking care of your skin is the best gift that you can give to yourself, and I’ve been of advocate of searching and trying many skincare products that will suits my needs and personality. This quest might be tough at first, but everything is worth it when you finally found “the one”.

Making sure that my skin are healthy and young-looking is my full-time job, and I love it!

So when we were invited to meet this luxurious brand Troll Cosmetics, I was so excited to learned more about this European skincare brand in addition to our long line-up of skincare brand available here in Asia.

The Vorarlberg-based manufacturer Troll Cosmetics markets products from three internationally successful cosmetics brands in more than 50 countries from its company headquarters in Lustenau. Alongside Declaré – which continues to be the world's leading cosmetics brand for sensitive skin – the company's brand portfolio also includes Juvena, the high-end anti-ageing specialist, and the luxury haircare line Marlies Möller beauty haircare.

Troll Cosmetics

Together with my friend from Chinese Journal Ms. Cheska Itable, we are pleased to meet he Managing Director of Troll Cosmetics, Ms. Barbara Sandner-Troll who travelled from Austria to the Philippines to search for local Philippine partners, and make Troll Cosmetics available in the country.
Since the incorporation of the premium brands Juvena and Marlies Möller beauty haircare in 2011, as well as top-quality skincare for sensitive skin Troll Cosmetics now also covers anti-ageing and haircare products in the exclusive luxury sector. The products are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Troll Cosmetics therefore has the basis for an ideal combination: a comprehensive care cycle for skin and hair, a firmly intertwined symbiosis. Managed under one roof, the high-quality, versatile care range is continuously being developed to the latest scientific standards and the products are perfectly coordinated with one another.

Declare by Troll Cosmetics

In the late 1970s, DECLARÉ Switzerland developed the very first line of cosmetics for sensitive skin worldwide. The company’s vision of meeting the requirements of beauty, skin compatibility and effectiveness to fulfill the wishes and needs of women and men. DECLARÉ Switzerland is considered the internationally leading brand for sensitive skin-care.

This comprehensive skin-care range meets all the needs of sensitive skin. With its innovative formulations, skin-compatible ingredients, allergen-free scents, and state-of-the-art technologies, DECLARÉ products stand for effective action and deliver optimum results. DECLARÉ products are subject to stringent quality control and are dermatologically-tested for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and its balance often disturbed. An essential ingredient in all Declaré products is the srcTM complex (sensitivity-reducing complex). The srcTM complex improves the skin barrier function and strengthens the natural resistance of the skin. With its intensive cell protection, the srcTM complex prevents cell damage and continuously protects your skin against premature ageing.

In addition to providing facial-care products for the various skin types, DECLARÉ Switzerland's skin-care range includes products for body care, sun care, decorative cosmetics, and skin-care products for men.

Juvena by Troll Cosmetics

Founded in Switzerland in 1954, Juneva stands for tradition, as well as for a pioneering spirit in skin research and in the development of luxury anti-aging skin care products. The name JUVENA is derived from the Latin word “juvenalis” – youthfulness – and is both our vision and our promise. For more than 60 years, Juvena’s scientists have been on this same mission, researching skin and skin-aging processes in state-of-the-art laboratories, and notching up revolutionary successes in the field of cosmetic skin care.

Juvena combines established market values – such as high Swiss quality standards and professional customer care - with innovative scientific research. The result: revolutionary, highly effective anti-aging skin care products.

Marlies Moller by Troll Cosmetics
For 30 years MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare has been providing a comprehensive range of luxury haircare products which complement each other perfectly. In 1988 the German hairstylist Marlies Möller created her own haircare range and with this created the foundations for an internationally successful brand now ranked amongst the top 3 European haircare specialists in the perfumery and cosmetics sector. Years of scientific research enable MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare to focus on the different hair types and individual requirements of clients.

The highest quality extracts and precious oils – the most refined of ingredients form the basis for MARLIES MÖLLER beauty haircare products. To do this, extracts of the most exceptional substances are brought together for the shampoos, treatments and styling products. For example, pashmina, silk and sea silk, in the form of a pashmina-silk complex, pamper the hair with real luxury. With the addition of champagne, grapevine and cassis extract it then gets an extra portion of vitality and energy. Choice plant-based ingredients such as wheat protein, blue lotus extract or vitamin E promote strength, vitality and fullness.

Declare hydrobalance

Troll Cosmetics

Troll Cosmetics

We are so thrilled to have an opportunity to meet Ms. Troll and Troll Cosmetics, and we hope that soon these skincare brands will be available in the Philippines.

Oh yeah, I am currently testing some skincare products from Troll Cosmetics, and I can’t wait to share you my full review!

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  1. I have not heard about Troll Cosmetics before reading your post but now that I have, I am keen to check out more about them on Google. I believe that are not in Malaysia yet. Let's hope they will expand to more SEA countries!

    1. Yeah, hope they push here in the Philippines, and other parts of Asia.

  2. If I don't read this, I really don't know about this brand and I'm so Ken to know more about this and really looking forward on your review. I wanted to buy this for my friends there. Any possibility to buy online?

    1. Yeah they are available in most luxury e-commerce site.

  3. Can't wait to read your full review! I had not heard of this brand until now. That's so cool you were able to meet them. It looks like a fabulous experience!


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