Panasonic Fashion Festival and Sustainability

Manila Fashion Festival sponsored by Panasonic celebrated its 5th Anniversary.
The weather has been good last week, as this season’s Manila Fashion Festival sponsored by Panasonic celebrated its 5th Anniversary. 

Many fashion enthusiasts, influencers (and yes including the warm bodies) are gone busy for their own outfits for the show and stressing if they could get inside each show (never mind if you ended-up standing for the next hour).

Welcome strutting show-goers.

As expected, I haven’t given effort to plan my calendar and send RSVP to the show (or email some designers for an extra tickets).

And why would I bother, when in fact I can have a free access on the livestreaming show, in the comfort of my lounge while enjoying the Australian wine I’ve got from Rustan’s marketplace, pairing with a platter of sushi from my suki at Market Market. 

Consider how much time I have to spend for my preparation: on what should I wear (per show, or just opt for a sleek black dress for practicality), making sure my phone and camera are all set, and not to mentioned the cost of my Grabcar Premium.

A huge “Grazie Mille!” for livestreaming on their social media, I don’t have to deal all the fuss. Just a click away is my little contribution to reduce my carbon footprint costs.

For this Spring Summer 2020 Collection, here are my few favorites:

Yong Davalos

Yong Davalos Spring Summer 2020
What makes summer more fun that enjoy some variety of fruits everyday, but that doesn’t an excuse that we can’t wear them! I love the bold fruity prints of oranges, strawberries, and papaya, which definitely these pieces give a wow factor.

Yong Davalos Spring Summer 2020
Wearing bold bright colors is always a good idea, and because Philippines is known for a crazy hot summer (almost all year round!), wearing a back shoulder is always in-style.

Veejay Floresca

Veejay Floresca Spring Summer 2020
Veejay wants us to know that the brighter the yellow, the better. I love the details of this bright yellow dress that looks classy and powerful. Beaded florals is definitely in our list this new season, and we need a good cocktail as our accessory with this.

Prima Villarama

Prima Villarama Spring Summer 2020
Maxi dresses will never fade in fashion (definitely not here in the Philippines) and again, florals like roses and peonies are always a good idea. This artsy grayish print maxi-dress is also an interesting piece, with that free-flowing hemlines that screams “rules are always a gray area”. 

Dino Lloren

Dino Lloren Spring Summer 2020
If you think of formal wear, you only have two no-brainer option: black or gold. These two pieces exudes the allure and prowess, at the same time making the statement, that these designs are worth investing.

Steph Tan

Steph Tan Spring Summer 2020
Summer isn’t an excuse to wear dull colors especially living in this tropical part of Asia. I love eye-catchy prints and colors in any forms, including colorful stripes.

Of course, never miss the adding shades of aquamarine in your closet, because it gives a very inviting and coolness appeal. These ladylike looks are one of my favorites, especially that white top with polka dot prints. Again, this is the time of the year where we can bare our shoulder blades and strutting it along the avenue.

Benjie Panizales

Benjie Panizales Spring Summer 2020
Just like Veejay and Yong, Benjie also not afraid to use bright eye-popping colors. These two pieces reminds me of the tropical rainforests that is truly relaxing to my sight, mind and soul. Adding to its interesting silhouette are those detailed embroidery that makes it special.

Edgar Buyan

Edgar Buyan Spring Summer 2020
One vlogger influencer said in her YouTube video that you should never wear prints because it will make you look fat. However, I beg to differ. These geometrical prints are like art, and if you can’t speak your mind, then wear your thoughts with pride. These two pieces are like wearing a contemporary art.

Bamba Limon

Bamba Limon Spring Summer 2020
Traditions and cultures are one of the important wealth that we should never let disappear in our life. As a Filipino, it is our responsibility and obligation to pass-on that two wealth to the next generation and helping them to understand that these will guide them to define on who they are and what they want to be in the future. Just like these two designs, Bamba Limon wants us to continue embracing our rich culture and add a piece in our closet. I love that the designer opts to use traditional local fabrics, designs and embroidery, which makes these pieces a worthy investment that never goes out of fashion.

How you will contribute to reduce carbon footprints in the next season?

*Photo credits: Manila Fashion Festival Facebook

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