Keepr: How One App Can Help You Save Space at Home

Keepr: How One App Can Help You Save Space at Home

Moms across Metro Manila now have an answer to all their storage needs with Keepr Storage PH. Available on both Google Play and the App Store, Keepr Storage PH is the best full-service storage solution that enables women to securely store and monitor their most treasured possessions right from their own phones! Keepr’s services start at just ₱399.00 a month.

Making Space is Never Easy

For many mothers in Metro Manila, clearing up space around the home is an all too familiar challenge. As times change and children age, it can be very easy for our things to pile-up, gather dust, and take-up an unnecessary amount of space. 

“Extra storage allows us to better use our home for the things that truly matter,” says Keepr founder, Anna Moncupa. “It's being able to have a full life and not being limited by small spaces.”

Keepr: A Service for Families in the 21st Century

Having relocated back to Metro Manila with her two children and partner, Jay Buensuceso, Anna Moncupa recognized a need for sustainable storage space.

“We’ve always liked being flexible in our space, having moved quite a bit around Manila and Los Angeles,” shares Jay Buensuceso. “When we decided to move back to Manila for good, we ended up living in a two-bedroom apartment because we thought it’d be a lot easier to maintain. It ended up being difficult for us since we’ve accumulated quite a chunk of possessions over the years, and barely had space for half of our belongings!”

Inspired by her experience using valet storage in the United States, Moncupa, together with Buensuceso, went to work on an app that could serve the needs of growing families in small, urban spaces.

“Keepr was inspired by our lifestyle abroad – the convenience and ease of having such a service,” says Anna Moncupa. “The real challenge was making it the perfect fit for Filipino families, and I think we were able to really step up to that challenge by making sure our warehouse is in Metro Manila. This enables us to cater to our clients more efficiently, allowing last-minute requests when needed. I believe that homes are living spaces, not storage space. We looked at our need of having just our essentials at home, and everything else in storage, but within reach.”

Keepr: How One App Can Help You Save Space at Home

How Do I Use Keepr?

Through this easy-to-use app, users have constant access to Keepr’s high-level security system and strategic logistics. Available on all mobile devices, Keepr works in just five simple steps:

1.      Download & Sign-Up
Download Keepr Storage PH on your Apple or Android device and simply fill in the sign-up form. You can activate your account through e-mail, Facebook, and Gmail.

2.      Get Your Free Assessment
Once you have successfully activated your account and provided Keepr with your mobile number, a Storage Specialist will get in touch with you for an over-the-phone assessment. This consultation will allow Keepr’s Storage Specialist to understand your needs and identify a storage package just right for you!

3.      Schedule a Pick-Up
Now that you’ve found a storage plan tailored to your needs, you can book an appointment with Keepr’s team. At just ₱150.00 per hour, per personnel, the Storage Team will expertly pack your valuables and put smaller items in tamper-proof bins.

4.      Customize and Manage Your Inventory
Once your items arrive at Keepr’s warehouse, it will be under 24-hour CCTV-monitored security. Every Keepr Bin will be photographed, given a barcode, and uploaded to your account. You can create custom labels for all your items uploaded into your personal photo inventory.

5.      Schedule an Item for Delivery at Your Convenience
For a flat rate of ₱500.00, you can have your storage bin returned to your home! In addition, Keepr’s team can pick-up your empty storage bin when you’re done at no extra cost.

Keepr: How One App Can Help You Save Space at Home

Keepr: For Moms By Moms

Keepr is the perfect app for any mom who wants to free up space in the home. With Keepr, mothers all across Metro Manila now have the chance to really bring out the beauty in their homes without giving anything away.
“Modern-day moms are superheroes, on-call 24/7. We have careers yet find the time and energy to make a house a home and take care of our families,” Moncupa shares. “Through Keepr, I want to empower mothers to make room for what truly matters so they can spend more time doing what they love. Keepr is a cost-efficient solution to creating more space at home, plus it’s really hassle-free - all it takes is a few taps in our mobile app!”

Download Keepr Storage PH now on the App Store and Google Play! Keepr Storage PH provides you with a host of storage solutions combined with real-time and customizable storage management. Prices start at just ₱399.00 a month! Learn more at https://www.keeprstorage.ph or call +63-917-533-7774!

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