10 Countries to Find your Life Partner (and if you want to prepare for the next health pandemic)

10 countries with best healthcare system

Not any of us are prepared for this pandemic, and it will continue to ruin our economy, life plans, travel, and yes including our dating life. Buckle up, coz dating will be more complicated and the path for finding love will be more complex than Finding Nemo. 

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, people around the world are now spending their days stuck indoors, which, for singletons means that late-night video calls and sneaking in some self-love while your housemates are asleep are about as saucy as things are likely to get for quite some time. Gone are the days of first dates IRL, seeing them in person for the first time, getting butterflies in your stomach as their hand brushes your shoulder. Who knows how long until we will hold another person’s hand without fighting the urge to soak it in sanitizer first?

Will love and mutual understanding enough for finding your true love? How about securing your future? Are video calls, or sending online gifts would help you in times of Pandemic 2.0

However, we can all learn from this worldwide catastrophe. And it is not too late. Starting today, you need to set your priorities straight. If you love someone, you will find ways for the two of you to have a better life… thus better health care!

According to this survey examined how people around the globe perceive the quality of the healthcare system in their countries of residence and found Denmark to be perceived as having the most well-developed public healthcare system in the world. Sweden ranked 2nd on the list, followed by Canada in 3rd place. 

The quality and efficiency of a country’s health care system can have a massive impact on its inhabitants' quality of life. The health of a nation depends largely on how the system can cater to their people, which is why a good public healthcare system is so important.

Why do some healthcare systems stand out from the rest? If you will find your next life partner, planning to migrate to another place, plus enjoy a great destination, these are the countries with the best health systems in the world that you should seriously consider. 

10. New Zealand

New Zealand - 10 countries with best healthcare system
The healthcare system in New Zealand is state-sponsored and very good quality. It is funded through taxes and provides free or subsidized medical treatment for residents.

9. Austria 

Austria - 10 countries with best healthcare system
Austria has a high standard of healthcare. Paying into the government health insurance scheme is compulsory for both Austrians and expats, with excellent medical facilities and services funded by the taxpayer.

8. France

France - 10 countries with best healthcare system
France has both state-run and private hospitals and both maintain a similar degree of excellence. While having private health insurance isn’t essential, it is prudent to have cover when you’re living in France.

7. Australia

Australia - 10 countries with best healthcare system
Australia’s healthcare system has two main parts: the public health system, and the private health system. Since 1984, Medicare has been the Commonwealth Government’s universal health insurance scheme. This provides Australian residents with free treatment in public hospitals.

6. The Netherlands

The Netherlands - 10 countries with best healthcare system
Healthcare in the Netherlands is covered by two statutory forms of insurance: Zorgverzekeringswet (Zvw), often called ‘basic insurance’, covers common medical care; and Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten (AWBZ) covers long-term nursing and care.

5. Germany

Germany - 10 countries with best healthcare system
The healthcare system in Germany is very good but expensive. Health insurance is mandatory, and most expatriates will have it added to their employment contracts.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom - 10 countries with best healthcare system
Healthcare in the UK has proved to be reliable and convenient for citizens and expatriate workers. The National Health Service, Scottish and Northern Ireland state programs provide many options for emergency medical treatment.

3. Canada

Canada - 10 countries with best healthcare system
Canada’s publicly funded health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans providing coverage to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Canada holds a remarkably high life expectancy rate, which many attributes to the efficiency of its health care system.

2. Sweden

Sweden - 10 countries with best healthcare system
The Swedish health care system is characterized by high standards of quality care and above-average healthcare spending. Only about 600,000 Swedes have a private health plan, which is usually covered by their employers and can be helpful to skip queues for treatment.

1. Denmark

Denmark - 10 countries with best healthcare system
The Danish universal health care system provides Danes with mostly free medical care and is predominantly financed through income tax. All permanent residents are entitled to a national health insurance card, and most examinations and treatments are free of charge.

While you are at home in isolation, start planning your life priorities, and be smartly in-love for your future.

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  1. I'm dating a French guy who is an expat in UK and he too has said that healthcare there is reliable. Everything from ambulance rides and emergency room visits to long hospital stays, complex surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — are all free. They're paid for with payroll taxes. Which is amazing!

    1. It is amazing how the people taxes can make a lot of difference! Awesome!

  2. These countries are on my list. Since im a fan of victorian houses, vintage pavements and such! Id love to go to all of these someday

  3. Hahahahaha. I super duper agree with this one. Bye Phillipines! I've always wanted to migrate and I think this list will help me have an idea on where to actually go. Maybe I'll finalky fins love in one of those countries right?

    1. Yeah, and there is nothing wrong of being smart in finding your love. After all, yung hanap naman natin is pang-matagalan, so dapat secured ka. Also, one thing awesome about our country is you can have dual-citizenship.

  4. These are all great suggestions! It's always been a dream to take a breather in Europe for a good month or so, hopefully with my special someone. Imagine being surrounded by all those old world charm and culture. Hope to tick off some of these by next year!

  5. This is a nice list! Makapag migrate na nga sa Denmark!Baka nandun ang future ko lol!

  6. These all look so beautiful, i seriously cant wait to travel the world, my favourite is the netherlands.


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