Top Places to Visit in Italy other than Rome and Venice

Top Places to Visit in Italy other than Rome and Venice

For an Italian escape, many look to Rome, Milan, and Venice (with many influencers hashtags #Italy) to inspire us and fulfill our ideas of gelato-eating merriment but these places don’t come without their crowds. If you are planning on seeing authentic Italy, you’ll want to explore the places that are ‘less crowded’. Plus, the opportunities for volunteering works in Italy while you are traveling are extensive. 

If you lucky enough to be stuck in Italy, and you are reading this blog, these are the places that you should consider visiting.


Bergamo, Italy
Northern Italy paints a different picture than the rural and rustic images we envision in the south. Baroque architecture and the grandeur of medieval art are unmissable in the Renaissance city. With rich museums and outstanding churches encased within the old walls of the city, weaving through the old town will delight every sense with its historical charm. Head to Lower Bergamo for markets and Torre dei Caduti for a fantastic looking point to take in all the city.

Places to Visit:
* Botanic Garden Of Bergamo
* Campanone
* Baluardo della Fara
* Porta San Giacomo
* Infinito


Puglia, Italy
Puglia is still a relatively undiscovered haven of Southern Italy. With its sunny climate, whitewashed hillside towns hundreds of miles stretching across the Mediterranean coastline you’d struggle to understand why this part of Italy sits untouched by tourists. However, the fact that it does fall under the radar for many travelers is exactly what makes Puglia so alluring. You will find lots of farming families in this region but that’s not to say that there’s a lack of culture. Head into the main town or take a seat among one of the many cafes dotted around the square Piazza del Duomo for amazing architecture and perhaps the best cup of coffee you’ll ever taste. A word of warning traveling around these parts; travel on an empty stomach as there are so many delicacies to experience and you can almost take a gastronomical tour around the town where the truly rustic dishes originate from.

Places to Visit:
* Punta Ristola LeucaDueMari
* Caves of Vedusella
* Palazzo Baronale di Tiggiano
* Caprarica Castle
* Saint Andrea Gate


Abruzzo, Italy
Abruzzo is such an interesting find for its vastness in scope and in style. Head to the mountains and you have a ski to rival any snowy ski lodge and down on the land, you’ll find yourself on rocky beaches where fishermen still head out off the shore. This is most definitely an activity destination with three national parks to explore and the sea welcoming a plethora of water sports.

Places to Visit:
* Spiaggia di Vasto Marina
* Palazzo d'Avalos
* Majella National Park
* Eremo di San Domenico (Prato Cardoso)
* Amphitheater Alba Fucens


Pavia, Italy
Travel an hour south of Milan and you will come across the city of Pavia which is a cultural hub thanks to its once being considered as the most important and influential town in Northern Italy and the investment put into the district with notable architecture such as the church, Basilica di San Michele and its cathedral.

Places to Visit:
* Visconti Castle - Civic Museums
* Botta - Adorno Palace
* Ponte Coperto
* House of Foscolo
* Teatro Fraschini


Sorrento, Italy
Naples is a well-trodden part of Italy and we often doubt Italy’s ability to surprise many of us but take Sorrento for instance, just south of Naples where you will find an uncovered gem. The Vesuvio National Park (the home of the famous Mount Vesuvius, a famed volcano is known for the destruction of Pompeii in AD79) is what pulls in the most of its visitors but beyond the park are unspoiled beaches and mountains not far into the distance with olive groves dotted throughout the scenery. Sorrento’s coastline is where you will find Italians take their own summer holidays. If it’s good enough for the locals, it is good enough for visitors too!

Places to Visit:
* Correale Museum
* Monastero di San Paolo
* Regina Giovanna Bath
* Azienda Agrituristica "La Masseria"
* Marine Protected Area Punta Campanella


Ponza, Italy
Ponza is the largest of the Pontine Islands and the place to see real Italy while rubbing shoulders with wealthy yacht owners, so the St. Tropez of Italy some might even say… And as with any town famed for its shores, you can bet it has one heck of a harbor. The colorful variety of bars and restaurants makes for the perfect spot to soak up the sun and the atmosphere. If you’re looking to explore, the only way to see this island has to be by boat! 

Places to Visit:
* Grotte di Pilato
* Chiaia di Luna
* Punta della guardia
* Necropoli Romana
* Belvedere Della Madonnina
* Piscine Naturali Ponza

And if you are into sustainable tourism, you can visit our blog about Italy's best sustainable destination.

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  1. This article is interesting to me as I've never visited Italy but it's one of the first places I'll go when I can get back to Europe! I can't stand crowds of tourists but of course we only hear of Rome and Venice. Reading through your article I think I'll head to Puglia instead... beautiful views and just as much experience of Italian culture. Thank you for this list!

  2. We are always on the lookout for suggestions of new places to visit in Italy. We have seen most of the big ones and many of the ones off the beaten path. Since we have missed a lot of the north, Bergamo and Lake Como area are definitely on the list. And Ponza absolutely looks like a spot we would love! Can’t wait to get back.

  3. All of Italy is on my bucket list! But among these, I would like to visit Puglia and Sorrento first. Bergamo with its Baroque architecture also looks amazing. Would be a nice walk around, I feel.

  4. As travellers, we always seek to find offbeat and less crowded places. While I would love to visit Milan, Rome and Venice whenever I visit Italy and do all the tourist things there, I would also love to explore the countryside of Italy. It is amazing and is making me fall in love with Italy. Abruzzo and Belgamo looks like my favourites. I guess all of them are!

    1. The city is always overly crowded, no wonder the beautiful and elite travelers are all going regional.

  5. I've only been to Venice, Rome, and Bologna. And Milan on a stopover, but I guess that doesn't count. I have never heard of these places you mentioned, but would love to visit them all when I get the chance. It's always nice to keep a balance between the more touristy destinations and the offbeat ones.

    1. I realized that if we want to meet influential locals, these are the places they usually hang-out.

  6. Those places look surreal and breathtakingly beautiful. I loved Puglia and I will definitely visit the place when I go to Italy. I have only been to Rome and have never ventured out anywhere. I am planning to go to Italy and stay there for longer so I can see more places.

  7. What a great guide to Italy. You show so many fabulous places that I would like to see. We were supposed to go to Italy by motorhome, but we have to reschedule the trip again due to the pandemic lockdown. At the top of my wish list are Puglia and Abruzzo.

  8. WOW beautiful destinations. Apart from Rome, Venice & Sorrento I am yet to experience any other. Ponza,Pavia, Puglia & Bergamo all look so beautiful. Arouses my desire to go back again to Italy.

  9. This is good to know. I am not really familiar with other places we can visit in Italy aside from the famous ones. Puglia is interesting and beautiful. Will definitely consider that during our next trip.


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