5 Fun Ways to Document Your Virtual Wedding

5 Fun Ways to Document Your Virtual Wedding
2020 and the start of 2021 have not been fun. Any couples hoping to get married also know that planning a COVID-19 wedding is equally anxiety-inducing. Some couples have decided to forego planning a wedding altogether until COVID is done and gone. We get it, it’s not ideal. And for any couple looking to make their fairytale wedding come true, there’s little to no way to achieve that as the pandemic continues. 

But some couples are fed up and want to tie the knot already. Such couples are turning to virtual weddings, as it provides a safe way to get married while still including all their family and friends. So no need to worry about PepPep’s and MeMa’s health! They can watch your wedding virtually, taking part in the experience given the current state of the world. But how can you document your virtual wedding while keeping it fun? There are many ways to achieve it, all while keeping the atmosphere light and lively. 

Documenting Your Virtual Ceremony

1. Stream It 

First things first, if you’re virtually presenting your wedding, you’ll want to find a way to let others take part in the ceremony and after-wedding festivities. The foremost way many couples are allowing others to take part in their big day is by streaming.

Wedding streaming was popular before when trying to help any attendee take part in a couple’s ceremony, but it’s become incredibly important thanks to COVID. The first thing you’ll need to consider is your streaming platform—the platform that will make it easiest for your attendees. The most popular streaming platforms include Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Twitch, Facebook Live, Instagram, Vimeo Livestream, and more. 

There are other options available in the market, particularly focused on companies, all of which can be put to use for your wedding. The things you need to consider include:

● Do you have the necessary equipment to stream your wedding? 
● Are your mobile components optimized for high-definition streaming? 
● Is your home properly decorated for your wedding? 
● Does your wedding space have proper lighting to make for good streaming, allowing your attendees to see the ceremony?
● Do you have a proper way to capture sound to allow others to accurately hear your vows? 

You’ll need to cover these basics to ensure you can properly stream your wedding in the first place. 

5 Fun Ways to Document Your Virtual Wedding

2. Record Your Stream

Next, you’ll want to guarantee that you capture a recording of your stream. Most streaming platforms allow you to record at the same time that you are live streaming, meaning you’ll have a saved file to watch at a later time. This is important as it will: 

● Allow you to rewatch your wedding at a later date.
● Share the video with family and friends who could not attend. 

For many couples, they’ll be lost in the haze of their wedding day, almost going through the motions out of anxiety, stress, and sheer adrenaline—sharing their vows and couples wedding rings without even living in the moment. Having a recording to look back at will allow you and your spouse to relive your wedding day without all of the in-the-moment stress. But what if you want something more unique? 

3. Get a Videographer

A wedding videographer is another great option for couples looking to document their day-of. This is a great idea for many reasons, including: 

● Allows you to receive a professional video recording of your wedding, one that has been artistically edited and shot from multiple angles. 
● It will allow guests to relive your wedding in another way.
● Think of it as a wedding gift to yourselves, allowing you to receive a recording of your wedding that’s better quality than your live stream. 
● They can help get your space ready on the day of, such as arranging lighting and decorations to optimize your live stream. 
● You’re providing work to a professional videographer, who has likely lost business due to COVID; however, you’ll want to ensure all parties maintain public safety standards — keeping distance, wearing masks, getting tested before meeting up — to ensure everyone is kept safe.   

4. Get a Professional Photographer

Along with getting a professional videographer, why not take another step and hire a photographer? They can capture still images of your wedding ceremony, as well as the moments before while prepping and after during the celebration, and these will be a great contrast to all the other saved videos. This will provide you with photos you can share with family and friends while sending out thank you notes, as well as having photos to store around your new family home. 

5. Make Unique Scrapbooks

Unsure what to do with all of the edited photos you receive? Take it a step further and make them into a project. You’ve already given your guests the recorded Livestream and the professionally recorded and edited video. Now give your closest family and friends a gift to live through the event as if they were there. 

One idea is to create a scrapbook where all of your photos can be stored. You can go simple and make a digital scrapbook that can be shared with all of your guests, made from photos taken by the photographer; and you can go traditional and make physical scrapbooks for your best guests. In your physical copies, you can include copies of photographs as well as pieces of decoration from the day of and more, providing more fine details that allow guests to live in the moment now passed. 

5 Fun Ways to Document Your Virtual Wedding

It’s a simple gesture that will effectively let your guests feel like they directly participated in your wedding, passing by pages of the to-be-spouses preparing for their ceremony to a final photo of their hands embracing, their new wedding bands being the main focus. 

Moreover, it’s an exceptional way for you and your spouse to relive the day of. You can go through all of the videos and photos, sharing the moment again while curating a special gift for your special guests. Whatever method you and your spouse decide to explore, you can effectively document your virtual wedding, allowing you to relive your special moment for many years to come. 

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