These Online Games gives insights on how tough the food retail industry during COVID

These Online Games gives insights on how tough the food retail industry during COVID
It was 8:00AM of Tuesday morning here in Warragul, and I am in the hurry to go in town to check from Woolworth’s fresh supply of produce and meat. We haven’t got anything good left last night, and even the small grocers and butcher shops have nothing for us. 

Australia has experienced plenty of supermarket shortages since the COVID pandemic began. The emerging crisis now is a bit different.

In 2020 and 2021, empty shelves were due to spikes in demand, as shoppers responded to lockdowns by buying more toilet paper, pasta, and other consumables. This disrupted the usual rhythms of predictable supply chains. Apart from the first wave in March 2020, shortages were localized.

Now the shortages are due to supply-side problems and occurring (almost) nationally. As Omicron infections surge in every state apart from Western Australia, supply chains are being crippled by the sheer number of transport, distribution, and shop workers now sick or required to isolate.

It was challenging however, we in our household are very patient and try our best for other alternatives available. However, I wouldn’t blame others who find this situation very frustrating. 

Supermarket shortage in VIC Australia
Supermarket shortage in VIC Australia.

Understanding the food retail business through online games
Whenever I visit our local supermarket, initially I always thought that their job wasn’t that complicated. But as I kept on having an open-mid, I then realized that working and managing a supermarket business, and other food retail business, is not all about food preparation and serving the customer or stacking the empty shelves. 

These Online Games gives insights on how tough the food retail industry during COVID
This scenario above is like the food and supply shortage happening recently in our local supermarkets.

When I was playing one of the isometric games called Tap Supermarket, I had a better understanding of the supermarket's day-to-day operation, from ordering supplies to delivery and making sure that most supplies are available on the shelves. And when the deliveries got into a delay, angry customers show their frustrations. Not only the fact that I only have 5 staff in-store, serving over 200 customers daily. I felt bad realizing how exhausting my employees would be, working round the clock without break, while I was feeling amused for increasing cash flow in my account. 

I know it is just a game, but I feel like I’m a bad boss. LOL.

Lessons I’ve learned
1. This game teaches players how to manage their small business, and what can you do to improve their day-to-day operations. 
2. This game helps me realize the value of taking care of your employees. They are not humans, and they need to be compensated properly.
3. This game teaches me that a business isn’t a one-man’s job. It is teamwork.
4. What if my employees got sick? I need to make sure that they are not overly working, hence, providing health insurance would be another good incentive along with their salary.
5. Because of supply shortages, businesses need to make sure that the basic food supplies are available to the customers. Those non-essential goods such as electronics, clothes, and other related items don’t need the utmost urgency. 
6. As a shopper, we need to have more patience and not throw our frustrations at the staff due to a shortage of supplies. 
7. Avoid panic buying and hoarding of supplies.

Other online interactive games available 
At CulinarySchools.org you will find other food-related online games that you can enjoy during your spare time while learning the trade of the business. They have simulation games for those who dream of owning a coffee shop, bakeshop, or even a taco stand.

For children, these games would be a great way to let them entertain and possibly give them encouragement to learn the art of culinary, and perhaps gives them insights on opportunities that they could get in pursuing a culinary career

You can also find the top culinary schools near your location and start cooking your next passion.

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  1. I love interactive games like this so I will give it a try a play this one too!

  2. i agree with you even before sa mga old facebook games na similar, that's what i thought as well. mahirap talaga especially if you have grumpy and impatient customers. i just hope people realize how hard it is in the restaurant, supermarket, market businesses before trying to pull an attitude

    1. I agree. Without them and they are all sick, our needs will struggle to meet.


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