Eco-friendly Ways to Spider-Proof your Home this Autumn!

Eco-friendly Ways to Spider-Proof your Home this Autumn!

Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter, and the colder weather seems to be slowly but surely creeping in.  The increase in wetter weather sees an increase in creepy crawlies and other bugs making their way into our homes for shelter.

How do we protect your furniture and the garments inside from being damaged by spiders and moths?  

We put up together top tips for eco-friendly moth-busting & spider-proofing your home this season.


Lavender is your best friend when it comes to moth and spider-proofing your bedroom furniture.  

Put some drops of lavender oil into your fabric softener when washing your clothes. Not only will it make your drawers smell lovely and fresh – it will deter away any spiders or moths from hiding in them.

Dried lavender also works just as well. Place a handful of dried lavender into a sachet and keep it among your clothes. It really does make them smell gorgeous!


The last thing you want is for a moth to eat through your favorite item of clothing or damage your beautiful new French armoire or chest of drawers.

Cedarwood is a tried and tested way of repelling moths from clothes. You can buy cubes or blocks of cedarwood and place these inside your drawers, or in between your garments, in order to protect both them and the furniture.

Often just used as a repellent for moths, cedarwood is also a good way of deterring spiders too due to its odor.


Often seen as an old wives' tale, conkers are a safe and easy way of potentially deterring spiders. Although there may not be any significant proof that this works, we believe it is definitely worth a try. Again, you can place these inside your drawers, and they will cause no damage to the furniture to your clothing.

We hate being surprised with 'daddy-long legs' crawling right on our headboard!
We hate being surprised with 'daddy-long legs' crawling right on our headboard!

Lemon Peels
Dried lemon peels are another effective way of moth and spider-proofing your bedroom drawers. Spiders and moths dislike the strong smell of citrus, so we recommend wrapping dried lemon peel in a cheesecloth and placing this into your chest of drawers. Make sure it is properly wrapped though so that it doesn’t stain!

This makes a surprisingly great, natural bug repellent. Not only do spiders hate it, but most other small bugs too. Dilute peppermint oil with some water, and spray everywhere you usually find spiders.

Spiders also dislike the smell of cinnamon. This warm spice comes in various forms, including dried sticks used for cooking, fragrance oil, and scented candles. With its rich, wintery scent, cinnamon is an especially good option for the festive period!

Get a cat!
Cats are expert hunters and usually like to chase anything that moves, that includes spiders. Unless you’ve got allergies, cats are a wonderful addition to your home.

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  1. Ang laking tulong ng blog na ito sa akin dahil takot talaga ako sa gagamba. Pati iyong cobwebs ay hindi magandang makita sa bahay kaya salamat po sa mga tips na ito.

  2. Thank you for sharing tips , very helpful ito para makaiwas tlga sa damage ng spiders and moths .


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