Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme
Victoria’s container deposit scheme will start tomorrow, Wednesday 1st of November 2023 just in time for the Halloween season. 

Other states around Australia already had this type of recycling scheme, and VIC State only recently pushed this latest program which is a great move for the betterment of the community especially in terms of recycling, minimizing our household trash, and working towards a new circular economy.

What is Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme?
Known shortly as CDS Vic, is a new initiative that will provide a 10-cent refund to Victorians for every eligible drink container they return. It is part of the Victorian Government's $515 million investment to transform the state's waste and recycling sector. 

Funded by contributions from the beverage industry, the scheme will contribute to Victoria's target of diverting 80% of all material away from landfill by 2030 and represents a significant milestone in our journey towards a circular economy.

Victorians use more than 3 billion drink containers every year. Sadly, many are not recycled, ending up in landfills and as litter in local communities across our state.

This program aims to:
• increase recycling and reduce litter, cleaning up our environment.
• be convenient and accessible with many types and locations of refund points across Victoria.
• and bring new jobs and economic opportunities for individuals, charities, and community groups.

CDC Vic partnered with three Zone Operators available in Victoria State. 
Each Zone Operator is responsible for the placement of refund points and has worked in collaboration with local communities, businesses, and other organizations to choose the best placement of sites. Refund points are situated with consumer convenience and accessibility in mind.

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

The three Zone Operator partners Visy (North), Return-it (East), and TOMRA Cleanaway (West) are responsible for: 

• establishing and maintaining a network of refund collection points in their appointed zones 
• paying refunds to consumers 
• collecting, counting, and sorting returned containers 
• sorting and preparing returned containers for transportation, processing, and recycling 
• distributing payments to refund point operators 
• reporting on participation and redemption rates.

How to make a return and get a refund?

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

Feel anxious about the number of empty bottles and cans in your homes? 

Don’t worry coz we got you covered. You can now return it to many zone operators near you and get a 10-cent refund on each eligible drink container.

STEP 1 – Collect eligible drink containers.
Most aluminum, glass, plastic, steel, and liquid paperboard (carton) drink containers between 150mL and 3 liters are eligible. Look for the 10c mark on the back of the pack. Some drinks are not eligible, including plain milk containers, wine and spirit bottles.

Check for the 10cent mark on the drink container label located next to the barcode.
Keep the lids on and don’t crush your containers. 

STEP 2 – Return your eligible drink containers.
There will be hundreds of refund point centers across Victoria. You can return your empty eligible drink containers at these four refund points locations:

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) – where you just insert eligible drink containers into the machine, which will be scanned and verified. 

Depots – either you walk in or drive-thru to get your eligible drink containers counted and refunded on the spot. This is best if you collect a large volume of returns.

Over the counter – partnered with some small businesses or organizations that provide these services, typically working like a mini depot. 

Pop-ups – zone operators may offer pop-up services or events. They will have a set time and location that you can visit to return your eligible drink containers.

STEP 3 – Earn a refund.
All eligible drink containers are worth a 10-cent refund that you can either keep or donate to a community donation partner. You can get a refund either via voucher, cash, donation, or electronic payment.

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

Visit the CDS Vic website and keep tabs on its interactive location map to check the nearest zone operators to return your drink containers.

With this latest recycling initiative, Victorians are encouraged to participate in helping to recycle all eligible drink containers and be part of the growing circular economy.

This program will also be a great activity for all ages and a great way to fund your next birthday present, school activities, travel fund, treat yourself at the nearest Macca’s, or maybe get that latest robotic vacuum for Mum

Recycle your Empty Cans and Get a Refund with VIC’s Container Deposit Scheme

We will be keeping you updated on the zone operator's drop-off locations.

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