How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon

How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

May you all shower with tremendous prosperity and good luck this Year of the Dragon!

How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon

How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon

Yesterday, my elderly friend and I visited Springvale VIC for some Asian grocery shopping. 
I got hooked and found this hydrangea-print cheongsam dress that I reckon will be a perfect Lunar New Year outfit. Nothing expensive, and I love the fit on me. Plus, I can study the pattern and perhaps make my own cheongsam with the right material.

According to one Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen (and a dear friend of ours), The Year of the Wood Dragon is all about harmony, renewal, and unity. 

Particularly in its vivid and luminous shades, green was the auspicious color for the year that would surround people with the energies of growth, prosperity, and harmony. From precious gemstones such as emerald, jade, and malachite to trendy clothing styles and fashion accessories, shades of spring green, apple green, and lime green would dominate the fashion scene throughout the year.

Green has been my all-time favorite color, and I personally believe in its ability to give a positive vibe to my personality and to the work I do. Thus, it wasn’t a surprise when I met this dress and instantly fell in love with it.

How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon

As much as we love to party for the next two weeks we would like to make our celebration very thoughtful and intentional, especially with the rise in the cost of living.

But how can we do that?

To avoid getting overwhelmed with so much information around, we need to start with small, attainable things. 

Here are a few tips on how to celebrate the Lunar New Year sustainably:

        1. Traditionally, you will be advised to buy and wear brand-new clothes. However, you can also have a fresh-looking outfit by mixing and matching the clothes already in your closet. Wear something colorful because that symbolizes celebration. 

        2. If you don’t have anything else to wear, you can grab a new outfit and we recommend that you buy from small businesses instead. Trust me, you will bring so much good luck to the business, and it will make you feel good. 

        3. Reuse those red envelopes that you’ve been saving from last year. You can also make your own money envelope using colorful magazine pages, that way you don’t have to spend money for a money envelope.

        4. You can opt for a digital ang pao / hongbao for more convenience, and quicker to send to your loved ones, friends, or employees. 

        5. Reuse your previous CNY decorations if possible. If you don’t have one, you can make your own CNY decoration by reusing your Christmas tree and decorating it with more red envelopes, or lots of red ribbons (ala Simone Rocha inspired). 

        6. Buy your lucky fruits from local producers. They would truly appreciate it and it always feels good to help small businesses.

        7. Why not do a potluck with your family and friends to celebrate the Lunar New Year food feast? I personally think it is an awesome idea, and a chance to share your family recipe too.

        8. Avoid food waste. This is a no-brainer.

        9. Celebrate the Lunar New Year with your family and friends by supporting local events near you. Many huge businesses are hosting various CNY events, especially in the city, and don’t forget to witness many talented dancers showcasing their skills through Lion Dance and Dragon Dance. Visiting a Chinese Museum will be an awesome idea. 

        10. Of course, the Lunar New Year celebration is not complete without fireworks. Instead of buying your own fireworks and avoiding any accidents, opt to visit a fireworks installation near your area. 
        11. Watch several Asian-themed movies and dramas from your streaming platform. You can also watch many live-streaming videos of Lunar New Year festivals worldwide available on YouTube.

        12. Read books and blogs available online regarding Asian stories and perhaps gain inspiration from them.

How to Celebrate Green Lunar New Year this Year of the Dragon

I’ll leave you with this gorgeous video clip of the dragon boat parade.

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