The Terror Tango of the Current Gen Z Anxiety

The Terror Tango of the Current Gen Z Anxiety
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Gen Z anxiety is pretty much well-documented. Today, the younger generation has genuine worries about some of life’s uncertainties. Of course, we all share the same worries. Yet being the future of the world, Gen Z and indeed, Alpha, have more cause for genuine concern.

Economic Woes and Uncertainty
The economy is always a source of anxiety across the world. And currently, it isn’t great. Mass layoffs in trendy industries such as video games have heightened stress for many of the younger people beginning to gain valuable experience. This means there are also concerns over home buying through a mortgage broker as up to 56% of Gen Z don’t even have enough emergency cash, never mind laying down the amount needed for a home-buying deposit.

Financial Freedom and Independence
It could be easy to think many younger people are making money hand over fist, given the swathes of influencers, new technology, and assets such as crypto. However, Gen Z is having a hard time gaining the financial freedom and independence they crave. These are life goals for most people, yet most of us don’t achieve them. And for those who do, rarely are they young. However, Gen Z has a significant advantage in understanding new and emerging tech.

Gen Z Anxiety When It Comes to Work
The workplace has changed dramatically over the past five years. COVID-19 had an impact, yet things were stirring before. Social media movements such as BLM and #MeToo were among the most powerful and paved the way for the type of inclusion that older generations didn’t get to enjoy. However, surveys by Harmony Healthcare show that a massive 61% of Gen Z has been diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Lack of opportunities at work is commonly cited as a reason.

Emerging Tech Addiction Epidemic
While younger people classed as Gen Z are much more tech-savvy, it has been noted there is a major issue. Gen Z behavior is being influenced by platforms such as TikTok, some for the better such as making genuine online businesses. And some for the worse, such as encouraging destructive behavior. Fortunately, Gen Z are acutely aware that they spend too much time using phones, tablets, and other tech, which comes with issues like cyberbullying.

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
We are now more aware than at any other time in history of the impact of diversity, equality, and inclusion. More and more workplaces are making great efforts to change company culture and how they include a more diverse range of employees. Beyond harmful virtue signaling, the stats are encouraging, with 33% of Gen Z now happy about DEI at work and beyond, compared with 24% in 2019. However, many are still sure that their employers are not doing all that they can.

The economy and future uncertainty are worries for most of us. Yet they contribute a large part to Gen Z anxiety. Issues in the workplace also sit among the top issues for the younger generation. Most are also still unhappy about the impact of DEI initiatives in the workplace.

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