Gina Gil-Lacuna - The Queen of Jigsaw Puzzles, her Gigantic Collection, and still counting

Wearing her usual simple dress with her simple cute "bayong" purse, she smiles happily during our interview last Sunday March 10, 2013

I considered my last weekend as one of the great milestone happen to my life. Aside from the amazing vacation, good food and fresh air - meeting one of the amazing person in the world is different. To tell you my lovely readers, I just met the "Queen of Jigsaw Puzzle" who owns 1029 puzzles in different sizes, shapes, designs, and structures - and still counting! Her name is Mrs. Gina  Gil-Lacuna, a retired businesswoman at the age of 61-years old who have just recently won her title - the prestigious Guinness Book of Record for having the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles.

She's very hands-on. She personally do the museum tour everyday, and you will be amazed about her knowledge in paintings and the artists.

She started doing puzzles 27 years ago, because of her unconditional love to her only son, who like Mickey Mouse. She bought the said puzzle from a trip in Hong Kong, and it became the oldest puzzle in her collection.

She had all kinds of puzzles, from smallest to biggest, various shapes and designs, 2D, 3D puzzles, and even 4D puzzles! 

As she finished the latest puzzle "La Hilanderas" with 10,000 puzzle pieces (and said to be the most difficult puzzle in the world), Mrs. Gina walks proud wearing her huge smile and happiness, as she was recognized, not only here in the Philippines but worldwide. That's a huge achievement she, and her whole family really proud of. 

Way back years ago, she travels all over the world, to visit the famous landmarks, and a puzzle is a must-buy from her trips. She loves classic paintings, that we can only seen in famous museums worldwide. Name it and she have it. And you will never be disappointed. I felt my jaw-dropped with my eyes widely open seeing her our puzzle museum located at her our Bed and Breakfast Hotel. Vintage and pop arts, animals and natures, famous people, religious and political - she have it all. She didn't think being a high school graduate a hindrance, to achieve her dreams being a successful businesswoman in a maternity garment industry, conquering 95% of the market, dressing-up pregnant celebrities, and enjoy being a puzzle hobbyist.

 For just a small fee of Php100 ($2.50) you can visit and be amazed with her vast collection, all assembled by hers truly, and framed beautifully and well preserved. She owns these 1029 puzzles, and still have more puzzles waiting to be assembled, stay just under her cozy bed. 

one of the tricky wooden puzzles

Standing with my favorite Mona Liza Puzzle.

Behind me is the oldest puzzle that Ms. Gina owns - the 27 years old Mickey Mouse puzzle that she bought in Hong Kong for her son Gino.

Family first - Her family is always on-top of her list.

"La Hilanderas" - the most hardest puzzle in the world, but Mrs. Gina managed to assembled it by herself 

Mrs. Gina has no plans to stop and be contented, as her passion in puzzles became more extreme now that she's working on the world's biggest puzzle having 32,000+ pieces, and to her estimates, she can finish it until July 31, 2013. If she succeed, then she will get another Guinness Book Record Title. Estimate finished size is 17 by 6 feet which was created by the great artist Keith Haring which is known for his traditional graffiti style arts. The puzzle consists 6 colors.

Very humble Mrs Gina, doing here autograph signing for Kendrick, a 7-year old boy who's also into puzzles.

Mrs. Gina Gil-Lacuna - a remarkable inspiration for all of us.

 The Puzzle Mansion
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Telephone: +632 661-0019

Operating Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 7 am to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7 am to 8 pm

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