Going to Singapore? You Must Read this New Immigration Regulation for all Visitors Effective June 2016

Singapore to fingerprint all visitors going to the country

 All travellers coming into Singapore by land, air or sea from June will have their fingerprints taken, as reported in the Straits Times.
Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Lee announced this move last week.
According to Lee anyone who enters Singapore will have fingerprints to verify their identity before being allowed entry into Singapore.
This applies to those entering by air, land and sea checkpoints.
This initiative comes in the wake of heightened terror threats and border control is Singapore’s first line of defense, said Lee.
"These present security risks. Attackers can gather and plan just outside Singapore before coming into Singapore to carry out the attack,' said Lee.
The United States started doing so in 2004 after the September 11 terror attacks of 2001 followed by Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in 2007.
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