Review: Myra E 400IU – Beauty Potion in a Bottle

Myra E 400IU review

Hello Ladies!

When you open your laptops or phone and you go online, you will see tons of beauty regimen that promises glowing and youthful effects.

The competition for skincare industry is very high, and yet report says that this industry is way far to become saturated, because the market is getting bigger and bigger, having various needs and keeps on increasing!

So here I am again, sharing you another beauty potion that I’ve been using for years (thanks for my Mom who is such a huge influencer on me).

I understand that a lot of Vitamin E supplements has been garnered a hundreds of review, but then let me share you mine, hahaha.

If you will find this post a bit boring, then maybe you can check my other skincare review here, here and here. Hope you’ll find it entertaining (or for some grossed). Hahaha

But let me give an insight regarding Vitamin E and its benefits to our body.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a light yellow oil, a fat-soluble vitamin, which is actually a family of compounds, the tocopherols, found in nature. Alphatoxopherol is the most common and the most active of the seven currently described forms-alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, and zeta. Specifically, d-alpha tocopherol is the most potent form, more active than the synthetic dl-alpha tocopherol.

The best sources of vitamin E are the vegetable and seed or nut oils. It was first isolated from wheat germ oil, which is still a commonly used, rich source of vitamin E. Some other foods that contain significant amounts of vitamin E are soybeans, some margarines and shortenings made from vegetable oils, and a few vegetables, such as uncooked green peas, spinach, asparagus, kale, and cucumber; tomato and celery also have a little.

With our today’s society full of radicals and wide-spread pollutions (unless you are currently living in a very rural place we all dream of), eating lots of processed foods, and chemical exposures - we all need to have extra vitamin E in our body.

More specifically, vitamin E as an antioxidant helps to stabilize cell membranes and protect the tissues of the skin, eyes, liver, breast, and testes, which are more sensitive to oxidation. It protects the lungs from oxidative damage from environmental substances. And vitamin E helps maintain the biological activity of vitamin A, another very important oil-soluble vitamin. Vitamin E protects the unsaturated fatty acids in the body and prevents the oxidation of some hormones, such as those released from the pituitary and adrenal glands. Free radical formation and oxidation are tied to cancer development, so the family of nutritional antioxidants, including vitamin E, may help in preventing tumor growth.

Myra E 400IU review

That all being said, one of my trusted vitamin E brand available in the market and available over-the-counter is Unilab’s Myra E 400IU, my beauty potion.

Myra E 400IU review

I remember in my teenage years (I was 14yo then) when I used to steal my Mom’s supply of Myra E from her cabinet because I’ve seen that amazing glow effect that it gives.

What is Myra E 400IU?

Myra E 400IU review

Myra E 400IU review

This is a d-Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E) and antioxidant supplement that comes in a soft-capsule form, which helps to maintain healthy skin and eye sight for youthful glow. It also protects you from atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders.

It is locally made here in the Philippines and proven to be one of the best Vitamin E supplement in the market, especially suits well to Filipinos. 

Myra E 400IU review

Myra E 400IU is always included in my skincare shopping list for years. At the price of Php354.00 (contains 30 capsules, good for 1 month) it gives me a very positive blooming results and that is why I became very loyal for this beauty potion, although sometimes I still try some new ones in the market.

Any side effects?

I haven’t experience any negative side effects.

Myra E 400IU review

It is available at most drugstore and beauty stores nationwide, and even at online stores of Mercury Drugs, Watsons and the like.

I can attest that Myra E 400IU is one of my most trusted vitamin supplement in the Philippine market!

Myra E 400IU review

xoxo, Blair

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