65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

From dressing to kill to Netflix and chill, we compile a new miscellany of manners. So pay attention, because a gentleman...

1. Never suggests chemsex on the first date.

2. Knows the best florist in town.

3. Is not afraid to hire people more talented than himself.

4. Never reads fiction unless facing an ocean (talk about getaway-the-city-and-enjoy-me-time-on-a-beach-kind-of relaxation).

5. Never tells you how many times he's changed his sheets that week.

6. Remembers to walk on the outside of the pavement.

7. Has at least two jewellers in his little black book.

8. Must have great music (even if it is judiciously "stolen" from SoundCloud) or have an impressive vinyl collection.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

9. Will not immediately forget someone's name the very second they told it to him.

10. Will not wear brightly colored socks, in any event or situation.

11. Will hold a door open for anyone, whatever their sex, whatever the consequences.

12. ... but will only smile at women.

13. Almost always tries to do pull-ups on the rail when he finds himself on an empty train carriage.

14. Always makes conversation with the Grab or Uber driver.

15. Always gives money to buskers, regardless of musical quality.

16. Prefers books to newspapers.

17. Pretends to understand the bags and shoes thing.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

18. Listens more than talks.

19. Is not threatened by going Dutch with a female.

20. Doesn't do flip-flops.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

21. Should not be afraid to own a small dog, because he is the one who bites.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

22. Should never stare at his phone when he could be staring at the face of the woman he loves.

23. Should be prepared to die for the things he lives for.

24. Should aim to keep his cock hard, his hair on and the fat off.

25. Should always refrain from self-pity and dessert.

26. Is never late.

27. Always knows what he is drinking.

28. Leaves his watch resting on its crown.

29. Never uses "boss", "mate" or "pal".

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

30. If asked to put his career before his relationship, chooses the career.

31. Uses his mobile only when he needs it, not as a social crutch.

32. Drinks enough to have fun, but not so much as to become a figure of fun.

33. Shouldn't sing, cry or scratch himself in public.

34. Doesn't have a name for his car. Or his penis.

35. Doesn't just take it because it's free.

36. Will never carry a bag longer than it is wide (unless it contains a suit).

37. Does not wear a tailored jacket whose skirt ends any higher than four inches south of his coccyx.

38. Can articulate his admiration for a woman without it being reasonably interpreted as a form of assault.

39. Always reads the contract.

40. Writes thank you letter (using a fountain pen rather than a ballpoint).

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

41. Doesn't wear underwear with a brand name on the elastic (sorry Calvin Klein).

42. Knows that life is too short form slimline tonic.

43. Will never, ever go for a spray-on tan.

44. Isn't ashamed of owning a body trimmer.

45. Shares his Netflix login.

46. Only uses the aubergine emoji to describe aubergines.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

47. Never "ghosts" (or ends relationships by disappearing).

48. Has found his haircut.

49. Knows how to put-on, and remove the lady's jacket from her (during dinner, or when arrive home).

50. Is no longer on Tinder -- but has just signed up for Bumble.

51. Can explain what's happening in an NFL game.

52. Would never invite friends over for dinner then order take-outs.

53. Understands the virtues of the cocktail cuff.

54. Can watch The Bridge or any TV Series without reading the subtitles.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

55. Gives up their seat on the train(or MRT/LRT) for transgender women.

56. Can dance the samba, but doesn't.

57. Has only ever seen a selfie stick once and assumed it was a golf club.

58. Can wear brown shoes with a black suit.

59. Wears a mechanical watch as well as a smart watch.

60. Can cook a perfect pavlova.

61. Only sports swimming trunks he could comfortably wear in a bar.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

62. Has a signature scent.

63. Never has more than three devices on him that need charging.

64. Never takes the free newspaper or magazines on the plane.

65. Knows "Netflix and chill" is a state of mind.

65 Tips How to Become a Modern Gentleman

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  1. What a lovely article! I really like men who are gentlemans and look like ones nowadays ♥ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

    1. Yeah, we can't get the perfect gentleman but at least I wish that men should have 60% of these qualities :)

  2. great list, but wow wow wow, i gotta say these makes a man but can men truly keep to all these? just asking though.

    1. It is the matter of practice, and I think embracing the gentleman lifestyle :)

  3. lol *Will not immediately forget
    someone's name the very second
    they told it to him.* well this is an awesome list you made here. Noted and thanks 4 sharing

    1. Thanks! You can share it to your guy friends!

  4. Fantastic #wishlist ! As a singleton and one in her 30s I find it very hard to find a well groomed gent that is not married or gay lol

    1. Yeah, and I find it more challenging! But I think when you found him, its worth it. Don't stop!

  5. Loved reading this! I wish every man should read this and incorporate the same in their behavior!

    1. Hello Ana,

      Yeah, and also we can teach them.

  6. This is a great list. 18, 20, and 26 are my three favourites. I think I should pass this along to a few men I know who could use some of these tips, LOL.

    1. Thank you Sheri! They will appreciate it for sure :D


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