Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity

Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity
Hello my lovely readers worldwide!
Who of you have dreaming or have passion of visiting Japan?

And for those who have visited Japan, where have you been aside from visiting various Japanese attractions? Many visited those old castles and shrines, public parks, monuments, the streets of Shinjuku and other shopping arenas, or have enjoyed those unique cafes, or tried the various McDonald foods that are super different compared to the Western version.

Azuchi Castle from Shiga Prefecture
Azuchi Castle from Shiga Prefecture

Stores along Akibara, Tokyo
Stores along Akibara, Tokyo

And who have you (aside from me) have a passion on Japanese foods and wants to learn more about it?

Yes there it is those wide smiles, I see that even virtually!

Japan is indeed one of the most interesting country to visit in, and learn their very awesome culture. And their foods, ugh so divine! Especially their sushi!

But have you ever have that thought of how sushi is being prepared by a true-blooded Japanese chef, in a true Japanese ways? Yes, some of our favourite restaurants hires Japanese chefs that adds authenticity and flavour in the restaurants. But have you ever tired learning those cooking preparation right there in the island of fire?

For those of going to Japan these coming weeks for the cherry blossom season and for other activities, you might want to add this to your itinerary.

Photo credit from Nobu restaurant’s sushi
Photo credit from Nobu restaurant’s sushi

Tabimori, Inc. has launched "SushiUniversity" interpreting service to help foreign tourists in Japan who do not speak Japanese but wishes to enjoy traditional Edo-style sushi in the Tokyo area.

SushiUniversity allows foreign tourists in Japan to visit sushi restaurants with greater ease and familiarity, as though going to their favorite neighborhood restaurant. Not only does SushiUniversity showcase various restaurants, but its fee includes shuttle service to and from the hotel, as well as interpreting service inside restaurants, and "a lecture" on sushi ingredients and etiquette. Tourists can select from a range of plans depending on their budget.

The official site supports English, simplified/ traditional Chinese, Korean and eight other languages. The service is designed to meet growing global demand for sushi. Going forward, additional languages such as Indonesian and Vietnamese are being planned for the service.

Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity

Features of SushiUniversity

Special "omakase" (chef's choice) menu sent in advance of visit in 12 languages:
In order to allow tourists to feel as if they are visiting a familiar neighborhood restaurant, the omakase menu in Japanese is translated in advance into 11 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, simplified/ traditional Chinese, Korean and Thai).

Understanding the various ingredients ahead of time and using interpretation allow diners to relax and enjoy the sushi before them in a natural and intuitive fashion, asking any questions they have as they arise. Even if tourists do not speak Japanese, interpretation allows them to get to know everything about sushi and enjoy it to the fullest.

Interpretation and shuttle service combined as various courses to meet tourists' budget

SushiUniversity offers three courses: Basic (10,000 JPY/person, approx. $89), Intermediate (20,000 JPY/person, approx. $177), and Senior (30,000 JPY/person, approx. $266). These prices include the meal and the interpreting service.

If diners notify SushiUniversity in advance of dietary allergies or foods they want off the menu, this can be accommodated. In addition, the team selects restaurants located within 30 minutes by car from guests' hotel and within the Tokyo area that meet their parameters. On the day of the booking, a SushiUniversity interpreter meets guests at the lobby of their hotel. The group then travels together to the restaurant.

Mini "lectures" on ingredients, the shop's style, and how to eat -- ask about anything!

Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity

A sushi lecture is not held tableside but right at the counter with the chef in front. It is open to a group of 2-7 people. An interpreter conveys the chef's chic and intriguing commentary on cuisine to the group impromptu. Tourists enjoy an introduction to the way sushi ingredients are skilfully formed, traditional lore surrounding sushi, the shop's philosophy and manners, and more. This lecture allows travellers to get an up-close experience with traditional Japanese culture and cuisine.

Unless the chef has planned a particular flow to the menu and there are special requirements to the way food is eaten, tourists are not required to abide by a specific format and can enjoy the meal in the order and style they see fit. Instead of a formal lecture format, the service creates a fun and inviting atmosphere.

Most luxury sushi shops forbid photography -- with SushiUniversity, now you can!

Luxury sushi restaurants generally forbid photography, but SushiUniversity negotiates directly with them to allow tourists to take photos. In this way, this service aims to go beyond cuisine and support tourists' whole travel experience.

Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity

Learn the Art of Sushi Making through SushiUniversity

So, are you ready to book you flights now going to Japan? Don’t forget to avail these amazing class from SushiUniversity and make your Japan trip more memorable aside from taking selfies.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. I'm so glad I saw this post. I'm traveling to Japan soon and I'm looking for foodie things to add to my itinerary. The prices seems reasonable!

    1. Thanks Shannon! Make you Japan trip more memorable. Enroll to Sushi University and learn the sushi making, etc.


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