Survival Kit, A Must-Have for Every Homes and a Lost Giant Marine Life Ashore

Hello Ladies! How’s your weekend?
For today’s post, am not going to talk about beauty and glamour, or anything fashion-related.
Or anything about new gadget and appliance release, or the newest trend in home décor.

Today, am sharing something that is truly a MUST-HAVE FOR EVERY HOMES.

your own SURVIVAL KIT.

Few months ago, I’ve received this gift from a friend and she told me that this is something that I might got interested with. And she is right.

I might be a lady who is into glitz and glam and all the beautiful and finest things in life, but am also a lady who is very concern with regards to safety.

Why am sharing this post? Is it truly necessary?

My answer is a huge YES!

Disaster will always be there - and living in the country next to Pacific Ocean have thought me many things in life, and that includes how to survive in the natural disaster. Here in the Philippines, we face many typhoons, earthquakes, flood, and even accidents like fire, and knowing about the basic survival is a must.

And having a survival kit at home – for each of your family is a MUST.

Survival Kit doesn’t need to be expensive AF, and am pretty sure if you can afford to buy those new phones and clothes frequently, you can also afford to spend few bucks for your survival kit.

For a friend who gave me this kit – Thank you!

Here’s the 20-things that are a must-have in your survival kit.

Inside the bag contains this small pouch called Safe Kit 36, a compact 36-hour emergency pack that contains many things that you’ll need during emergencies and disaster.

So many things inside this little pouch and be amazed on its contents. I was personally surprised how amazingly they have thought about all of the contents inside, and it all make sense.

1). A transparent sealable plastic bag – you can store anything inside, especially those that are so important for easy identification.

2). A black garbage bag. This makes sense because even during the disaster, you should not litter anything, and it’s not an excuse, duh.

3). Spoon and fork (foldable) – this looks so cool because it is very handy and easily can be store even in your pocket.

4). Portable mechanical flashlight – nobody wants to be blind at night.

5). Matchsticks – can be use especially if you wants to create a fire for cooking. You can wrap it inside the sealable plastic to avoid it making it wet.

6). Whistle – this can be used to let the rescuer knows your location, especially when you got lost and your phone is battery-drained.

7). Candies – WHY? Actually I kept on thinking why there are candies inside? Are these some treats? However, I’ve found out that when you are in a disaster and no food (or your stomach can’t feel you need food), candies / sugar will help us to sustain hunger, while we are waiting for our rescuers.

8). Insect repellent – Nobody wants to be cause some malaria or dengue during disaster (especially during flash flood and typhoons).

9). Mask – You need this to keep on inhaling any agents, and also for sanitation.

And for your accidental wounds, you’ll need the following items for sanitation:

10). Prep pads.

11). Gauze pads.

12). Alcohol swabs.

13). Baby wipes

14) Medical tape

15). Sterile Plaster

And for your basic vanity, you’ll need the following:

16). Poncho

17). Tooth brush

18). Small size soap. Seriously, you don’t need the huge bar.

19). Toothpaste in sachet form. You don’t need those huge tube!

proudly fresh and no makeup, haha

Lastly is the bag per se. I’ve read on one risk management disaster article online that the survival kit should be stores in a brightly colour bag, so that you can easily recognized it even at dark.

Why am sharing this post.

Because I think we should always be ready for any disaster that it will come.

And speaking of that thought, this is also related the last weekends frequent earthquakes here in Manila. Last Saturday (8th of March), the epi-centre was in Mabini, Batangas Philippines which was hit by a strong 5.7 magnitude earthquake and another 5.9 magnitude, resulting to road damages and numerous buildings collapsed. Some roads were rendered impassable after boulders ended up blocking the road. (Source)

I was at home in Taguig City, and I felt that twin earthquakes. It felt so weird but I didn’t panic (maybe because am used to feeling the earthquakes, or maybe because am prepared for the possibility).

Living in the country sitting on top of the Belt of Fire is something that I’ve already faced the reality that these kind of natural disaster will always be there.

Earthquake, Typhoon, Flash Flood, or Fire - we should have our own Survival / Emergency Kit at home.

Fire Drill NET LIMA
Last Friday, we had this fire drill organized by our building management in Bonifacio Global City. Gladly, everyone have successfully cooperated.

Fire Drill NET LIMA

They even had a demonstration on how to properly use the fire extinguisher. I find it so cool!

Survival Kit, A Must-Have for Every Homes
Okay, I admit their survival kit is much better than mine! LOL


And of course, when weird things surprisingly happens – also comes another weird things!

I was checking on my Facebook feed when I found these photos online.

A local fisherman (from my Momma’s hometown) have discovered this giant fish floating itself going to the shore. At first they thought it’s another dolphin from afar. They can’t tell what kind of giant fish is this, but some local fisherman says this kind of fish can only be found deeply down the ocean.

I’ve immediately phoned my Mom and asked her about it, and she confirm about the said giant fish (and my lil sister confirmed it too!). She said that the local fisherman saw it swimming going near the shore and looks like feeling exhausted. When the fisherman got nearer, he found out that the fish seems dying and the other eye is quite sore. Witnesses even took this selfies which I found on their Facebook account.

I used to live near the sea and since childhood I’ve been so observant with the nature. I mean, every now and then we used to see giant fishes or any weird ocean creatures floating ashore, and the local old fisherman says it a bad sign from the nature.

This fish might be living deeply in the ocean, and because of frequent shaking, their natural habitats are being disturbed resulting to looking for a new places hoping to survive.

I felt bad for this giant marine creature. I don’t know what kind of creature it is (it looks like it has a giant fin!). The fisherman says it looks like this creature is asking for help, unfortunately it won’t survive that long due to its physical damage.

I am wishing that hopefully there is an initiative wherein local people especially the fishermen’s to undergo training on what they should do when this things happen in their places. Because these creatures are also part of the nature we live in.

My Mom says this creature was brought in the local barangay office, and didn’t know what happens next.

She just only wished that local fisherman would not butchered this marine creature, and become a feast on their table.

Sad but true….

Have you encountered this kind of giant marine creature? Do you have you own survival kit at home?

Let me know your thoughts below.

xoxo, Blair

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  1. loving the survival kit! so scary to read that a earthquake just happened there.. stay safe dear!

    1. Thank you Babe! Earthquake is a natural disaster that I can't stop. However, I could learn how to survive, haha.

  2. Seeing your survival kit got me thinking.. we should prepare for any emergency. Though I think keeping myself tidy and clean will be the bottom of my list because I would focus more on enough food and drink supply. I like the mechanical torchlight, now it's mostly by batteries.

    1. Hehehe yeah, I like this flashlight too! A good way to exercise my hand while having light :)

  3. That is one huge fish and I also feel bad about its life.
    Hopefully all goes well for the fish

    1. Ohh I agree, however it seems it didn't make it. :(

  4. oh wow... that was quite an experience seeing such a unique fish.. and your tips on the survival kit is spot on... i need one too

    1. Yeah, make one survival kit for each of your family. We never know what might happen, right?

  5. 1st time i read abaout this survival kit! good entri

    1. Thank you dear! Do you have your own survival kit ?

  6. The survival kit is really useful! I'm so sad that the fish looking so weak.

    1. Yeah I know. I guess the fish was disturbed underwater and feeling exhausted.


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