14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018
There are the buffets!

The pools!

The skydiving and surfing simulators (which are pretty awesome). The casinos.

The all-you-can-drink packages.

The Themed bars.

The ice skating rink.

The carousel.

The rope course, etc.

A cruise ship is your chance for great fun and total indulgence. But why, at the end of the day, are cruises actually amazing? And what is it about them that keeps travelers come back for more?

Hint: It’s actually not the rock climbing wall.

1. The Odd Sense of Freedom / Getting Lost on Purpose
Nothing is quite like wandering around a cruise ship knowing, in effect you cannot actually get lost. You are within some vast, shiny rocking city. This is where worry and confusion are non-existent. So get lost! And do not panic when that hallway looks like the last one, or you thought you had just passed those ping-pong tables. It’s all OK. You will find your way back to your cabin.

HEALTH TIP: This is a great way, when cruising to get in your 10,000 steps.
Another Tip: Maybe when you get lost, you’ll bump your future mon amour!

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018

2. Catching up on sleep/the subtle beauty of an inside stateroom
You are literally, being rocked to sleep. Activate you inner newborn and rock-a-bye-baby to a shocking amount of hours of REM. If staying in an inside stateroom – that is to say, without windows – do not be surprised if you wake up at the afternoon’s PA announcement about that event starting any minute (at like 5 o’clock).

TIP: If, for some reason, you don’t want to sleep deep into the afternoons alarm clocks still work on cruise ships.

3. Surprisingly Exhilarating Shore Excursions
You have been out on the high seas for a few days. You’re sleeping great. Eating great. You have gone on that simulator thing a few (or 26) times already. Things are right where you want them. And then you dock. This is, psychologically speaking, always a slight rupture in the itinerary at first until you do get out there, visit the local culture and tackle that excursion. Even when things seem like they can’t get any better, get on out there and explore!

BOOKING TIP: Book with a travel agent and expect to see some excursions completely taken care of through exclusive benefits on select cruises!

4. The host of the ship putting a capital “E” into extrovert
You wonder what Ivy League school this person went to, and what city, state, or country created such a personality. Up seemingly at dawn, asleep seemingly never, the cruise ship host is somehow always casually passing you by saying hello and simultaneously hosing events by the pool, entertaining the masses during nightly shows, and landing jokes endlessly off the cuff. This person is envied, loved, and mythologized, deserved.

DARE: Attempt making the host late for something by engaging him or her in conversation. It won’t work. They’re too suave. They will be everywhere at all times. But try anyways.

5. Actual infinity views
The concept of the infinity view has been used somewhat freely when, in fact, it’s only really here – on a cruise – or up there – in the sky – where this view is actually attainable. And whereas in the sky you must lean forward and turn your neck uncomfortably to achieve the true infinity view, here you can be siting casually in your swim trucks with a cocktail, looking straight out into infinity (and beyond)!

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018

6. Piano bars
You know that bar you secretly wish was in your hometown? That quiet place on the corner of Main Street with a resident piano player softly tapping a tune, all while you sip a martini or a little of champagne? Well, cruise ships conveniently have this bar, usually with chaise lounges galore and the kind of dim lighting you always wish you could get in your living room.

OBSERVATION: In many ways, what with all those futuristic simulators and other ultramodern amenities of cruise ships today, cruises are a perfect example of contrast, wonderfully mixing the old and the new, a vessel not unlike a time machine, whether going backwards or forwards, or both.

7. Ping-pong becomes freakishly fun and oddly competitive
Either because of the extra wind, or increased amount of space, up on a lido deck or promenade, nothing is quite like stretching out the limbs in a competitive match, or tournament, of Ping-pong. Here the spin on the ball has a little extra English, and the issue of balance adds an extra element into what is an already fine game.

HEALTH TIP: Table tennis is a sport, which means it’s calorie-burning and healthy. It’s in the Olympics. Like archery. And golf.

8. Staring at those waves created by the Ship’s engine (during the day or night)
There is something undeniably therapeutic about this. You are also encouraged to contemplate life’s greatest questions when looking at this.

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018

9. Feeling worldly
Navigation and sailing the seas is the way of Columbus and Magellan. This was the way to discovery! So sail those high seas, seafarer, and discover the world! You are doing the stuff of legends and getting to your destination the way they used to do it in the old days.

IMAGINE A squinting Columbus saying to you over a frothy pint of American lager, “Airplanes!? In my day, we took to the seas!”

10. The Stars
You can see them. Like – they’re there! In the sky! A cruise ship offers absolutely breath-taking views with a look up at an unpolluted sky twinkling with countless stars.

11. The Names
The Breakaway. The Dawn. The Epic. The Sky. The Spirit. The Bliss. The Esperanza. What is more romantic than a well-named ship?

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018
….and awesome desserts!

12. Something Elegantly supper-clubby about the evenings
Formal dinner wear. Sinatra’s greatest hits. An elegant Broadway-inspired show at night. A walk along the promenade. A few rolls of craps at the casino. A nightcap at the piano bar. Raise a glass to old school elegance and class – Saluti!

OBSERVATION: Frank Sinatra songs seem to seep out from every fringe bar and it – or something like it (Bobby Darin and Billy Joel included) – will become the sort of soundtrack to your cruise, which is, of course, absolutely ring-a-ding-dong.

13. The type of outlier activity allowing you to wear that shirt you always wanted to wear
From family reunion shirts to shirts with witty phrases, this becomes an occasion to essentially become a walking decal. For some reason, the cruise vacation allows for this type of public freedom. You could be who you are and wear it all on your sleeve. You are blessed with the freedom of being in international waters and are now citizen of the world! So wear that gold dress or that sleeveless rainbow-printed tutu! We are all on the same boat. That’s why the latest Louis Vuitton cruise collection are for.

NOTE: Conditions apply.

14. Seeing couples raise their hands when the host asks who’s been married for 60-years.
That wildly impressive host will ask this at some time when he or she has a large crowd. “Raise your hands if you’re married twenty year!” Hail the boat will raise their hands. “30 years!” Fewer. “40! 50! 60!” And then a very funny and simple question very quickly becomes somewhat moving, even a bit emotional, and by all means a testament to how wonderful a thing life is, as the ship applauds a smiling white-haired couple of more than sixty years holding hands.

NOTE: Wait until you see them on the conga line.

14 Reasons Why Cruising is Awesome this 2018

Set sail on the high seas with your local travel agents. They’ll find the perfect sailing with the ship amenities you seek – whether that be an ice bar, bumper cars, or even skydiving. Plus, on select cruises, you will receive exclusive benefits, such as expedited luggage delivery service, a separate check-in area, exclusive beach areas, and discounts on spa treatments and photo packages.

Contact your local agent today to start planning your next cruise.

Bon voyage!

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xoxo, Blair

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  1. You know what, Blair? Of all the travels I have done, I have not sailed on a luxury cruise yet. How can, right? I need to change this situation and 2018 is a good year to do it!

    1. Hello Emily,

      You must try it once! It will be a great experience :)

  2. i missed the chances to get on the cruise because i have comitment to handle, but already naik the cruise in Putrajaya okeylah than not having the experience !

    1. Oh that's awesome! Keep us posted on your next cruise trip!

  3. Wah..i would love to cruise with my lil family someday...
    Its will be a nice memory for us

    1. Yeah and you can have movies, enjoy the pool, all-in-one package.

  4. I wanted to try cruising too it seem like vy fun!

  5. I miss cruising with my family! It was a happy moment

    1. Thanks for visiting Shini! Hey babe where is your next destination?

  6. Oh My... I wish to have another cruise trip.i have stopped cruise trip since 2015. gotta plan for 2018. I love cruise trip so much as I love to enjoy all the facilities there and swim on the sea (ship)...lolz...

    1. Hahaha you better plan it this year! High seas is the new it!

  7. I do really want to try to go on cruise trip. Your photos are so exciting. I really want to experience this kind of adventure. It seems that you really enjoy this kind of trip.


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