Product Review: Brooks Coffee European Blend

few weeks ago, I've received a sample pack of my ordered Brooks Coffee from Japan. I'm a certified coffee aficionado, so I've very glad excited to try these new product and share my views on these.

What I've received are: Brook's European Blend and Brooks Cantafe Japanesque, which also includes their current brochure

 A product of Brooks's Co. Ltd., based in Kanagawa, Japan which imports best quality of ground coffee worldwide and manufactured it in their company factory in Japan. The factory manages the roasting process, grinding process, and the packing process in a consistent manner.

 This "European" roast tends to be darker than other instant coffee you can bought on your nearest convenience shops. It's good aroma is superb. Very well sealed package, which has a nitrogen-air inside to preserved the freshness of this roast.

Click, click, click

 it is not a typical coffee pouch pack.. inside the plastic pouch, is another pouch, made from organic materials. They called it the "coffee drip bag". It has this cute cardboard handle that you can insert on the top of your cup, to hold the coffee bag..

 ... see what I mean, =^_^=

when you placed the coffee bag onto your cup, just pour hot water and viola! Your morning espresso is served.

 you will be surprised that this European Blend aroma and taste is similar to the espresso you buy at Starbucks, well for the fraction of the price. Every pack (10gram pack) is good for 1 serving only, but this depends on your cups size, of course.. Me I made it up to 2 servings (soo frugal me) well I just love its aroma. Another tip: I just don't throw away the coffee leftovers.. I recycled it by placed it in a nice container (after I drained it up) and place it on top of my coffee table serves as a potpourri! After two days, when its aroma vanished.. I dig it's remains in soil for my plant's fertilizer!

 my black roast.. i think we're meant to be :)

because I fell in-love with European Blend, I ask my boyfriend (who's in Japan) to order me this directly to Brook's.. He's also happy coz I appreciate Japan's products. 

If you want to try it, you may secure your orders online via their website at

..UP next : Brook's Cantafe Japanesque on my next blog post review..

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