The biggest gamer's annual event have unleashed their enormous power with the opening of DOMINATION 6, with now the ultimate joining forces of IP e-Games and Level Up! Inc. All the gamer fans all over the metro have joined and celebrated this once in a year experience, now with the addition of most awaiting launch of DIABLO 3. 

Here's the behind the scenes for you guys and gals that haven't got the chance to attend this event. I should say next time, DON'T EVER MISS THIS!

 cool girl, giving away free access card for Bounty Hounds Online. Visit Bounty Hounds online at

 cute anime plush items from Hatah Hatah

 Smart Communication having their FREE use of their newest 4G Experience!

 The most awaiting EVIL will arrived this May 15, 2012

 free DIABLO BETA Trial

 these youngsters are preparing their suits for the dance competition, COOL!

 every booth games has their own program of games, contests, tournaments, and FREEBIES!!

 the Bounty Hounds Girl assisting one player

 Supah Dance!!

 loads of gamers and enthusiasts!

 meme muna! wearing my Hello Kitty Shade, meow!

 I was hoping to try their FREE Play, unfortunately coz of very long line of peeps out there, I back-out, hahaha

 ... so I roam around

 .. and the tournament is ON, Go! Go! umm I have no team, hahaha

 .. another meme.. harhar

I know you feel BITIN with my post today.. hahaha watch or stay tune for my next post for DOMINATION 6 Cosplayers and other exciting happenings!

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