5 Ways to Spice Up your Relationship

1. Keep things fresh and interesting

It’s a fact that the romance in the relationship has a high chance of growing stale over time. You and your partner both have the individual responsibility to make your relationship and your own life fun as this will bring more diversity, interest and fun in the relationship. Being self-reliant and independent in your relationship is vital and keeps it stimulating.

2. Maintain the romance

Your attitude is crucial in ensuring sexuality receives the attention it deserves in the relationship. One thing that takes out the romance in a relationship is a lack of compliments and appreciation. So make her feel beautiful or make him feel manly and sexy. This helps add sparks and nurtures the sexuality in the relationship.

Also, special time spent together regularly as a couple is vital. You both need to work on surprising each other. Do this by staying spontaneous, think of unusual outings, bring flowers, plan romantic dinners, take holidays away together at a resort and be great friends. Make the effort to make your romantic rendezvous sensual and extraordinary. Get imaginative! You definitely need to add excitement and adventure in your romance.

3. Spice it up in the bedroom

Experiment with different ways of love making with your partner, don’t take sex too seriously and make sure to have fun. The key is to be spontaneous in and out of the bedroom as this boosts your lover’s interest in you. Sexuality is predominantly a mental attitude – so combine your love making with emotion. During the time together in the bedroom, try to look your best by wearing attractive lingerie or under pants. Don't forget to be hygenic! Wear clean under pants or lingerie and take a shower to smell clean.

Most importantly make sure to smell nice. Male cologne or womens perfumeis an effective tool to use as it has a profound effect on the nervous system. The human brain registers smell twice as fast as pain, therefore when an aroma is inhaled it has the power to actually transform emotion. As smell is the only sense that bypasses the blood-barrier to the central nervous system, colognes and perfumes have direct access to the area of your brain called the limbic area – the part of your brain that centers on emotions.
Some cologne brands claim their products contain human sexual pheromones - a substance that acts as an aphrodisiac. You can buy pheronome aftershave, cologne or perfume if you search for it either in the stores or on the web. It's also been claimed that some herbs such as Ginseng and foods such as oysters and lettuce have an aphrodisiac effect - this knowledge dates as far back as Ancient Egypt!

Also remember to never reject the advance of your partner in an unkind way or take them for granted and don’t resort to using sex as a bargaining tool. Take the effort to think of exciting and alternative ways to please your lover in the bedroom- it is really up to your imagination- so get creative! If you don't know how to accomplish this, go to the book shop and search for books that can teach you. Putting up the heat will definitely do a great thing to help you quash the boredom in the bedroom and in the relationship.

4. Communicate better

Give each other the ability to speak openly about feelings, needs, and issues and if you like, other discussion points such as sexual desires. Do not use anything your partner has told you against them later on. Trust is required and a lack of fear- so surrender your ego. With good communication and being great friends with your partner all difficulties can be resolved and your relationship will be more stimulating.

5. Have your own lives

It’s important not to become co-dependant no matter how much you love each other. As stated earlier, still operate as individuals and be self -reliant. Allow each other emotional and physical space and don’t put too many expectations and demands on the other person.Cultivate separate interests, friends and activities while staying close.

Healthy boundaries should be established right at the start of a relationship as this helps in keeping the relationship interesting. In the end, you’ll both be yearning for each other and want to spend time alone together.

A final word

As relationships and lovers age with time, it’s very easy for boredom, resentment, even cynicism and dislike to develop. To get out of the relationship rut and keep the sparks in your love life isn’t easy. It requires work, creativity, compassion, love, tolerance and a positive attitude, but taking time to invest in this special area of your life is ultimately worth it when you’re both enjoying the excitement and the romance again.

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