5 Tips To Keeping Your Blog Relevant

What makes a blogger stick around? How do you stay relevant? How do you evolve with the changing times to stay on top of it all? And, more importantly, how do you avoid having an “expiration date”?

Use this checklist to keep your blog in check:

1. Does your blog look like it’s from 2005? Maybe it’s time for a makeover. Like a person’s appearance, a blog’s appearance can be updated with age. Go ahead, give your blog a manicure, pedicure, and a haircut! (Or in other words, a change in layout, logo, colors, and overall setup to keep things interesting.) Of course, if there is something that is your “signature” style, keep it or just change it slightly. Even the smallest updates can make a site look more cutting edge — the technology behind blogs is in a constant state of evolution, so keep up.

2. Is your content outdated? As fashion bloggers, our readers look to us to provide the most up to date information by the day, and sometimes by the minute. If you are writing about a trend that’s so completely over, or a topic that has been regurgitated already, your reader’s will eventually look to other sites to find more relevant content. The same goes if you are a personal styling blog, if you are wearing items that are no longer in style or don’t represent your personality, it will be hard to move forward with your blog.

3. One of the main goals of in the business of blogging is always to get new readers, all the while building a consistent following that keeps coming back. Therefore, you should always be experimenting with new ideas for posts, different ways of presenting your blog, and your social media. Maybe try to make a gif or a video, or perhaps tweeting more on your slowest traffic day. Find these small problems and capitalize on them!

4. Have a business plan. What do you hope to accomplish today? This week? This month? This year? Set business goals for yourself (ones that are within your reach), and try your darndest to meet them.

5. Keep up with other blogs. The best way to stay ahead of your competition is to be aware of what they’re doing. Make sure you’re dropping in on other bloggers at least once a week and take note of things they do and changes they make. What works for them? Could that work for you? I’m not condoning plagiarism or stealing ideas, but other blogs can be a source of inspiration. You can learn from your own mistakes, but you can also learn from what others do.

The internet is ever evolving, so as bloggers we need to stay evolving. As we become more experienced with age and practice, our blogs should reflect that. Always be learning from your endeavors, and though there may be some growing pains, if blogging is what you love stick with it!

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  1. Very helpful post hun! I agree about everything you said. thank you!


  2. wow.. this is very helpful! :)
    I love reading tips. hihihihi :)
    thank you for sharing! <3

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  3. Agree! 1 and 5 makes a lot of sense for newbie bloggers these days. I may add that integrating your blog with social networking outlets is just as crucial to be relevant. =)

  4. thanks for this check-list will keep this in mind, but sometimes I feel like I can post anytime and that's the most thing I love in blogging

  5. This is just what I need :) thanks

  6. These are nice tips! As bloggers, we should really keep up and not only write about the things that interests us but also the things that our readers will be interested in!


  7. thanks for the tips Blair.
    im having problems updating my blog lately.. but I'll make sure to check once in a while :)

  8. great tips blair!! i feel like i need to have a blog makeover :)

    Rovie The Bargain Doll

  9. I think i need a blog design make-over! :) Great tips!

  10. More and more blogs are sprouting in the blogosphere and these tips I will surely keep in mind.


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