UNIQLO launches Fall Winter Collection 2012

A first look at UNIQLO’s outstanding Fall and Winter collection

Global apparel brand UNIQLO bares its stylish and functional Fall and Winter line for 2012 – Stretch Jeans, Easy Bottoms, Ultra Light Down, Warm Pants and Warm Skirts, the ever-popular HEATTECH, Knitwear, Poncho Collection, UNIQLO Undercover Collaboration (UU) and Designers Invitation Project (DIP). The new line offers a range of chic new variations for discerning and fashion-loving Filipinos and features a wide range of colors and prints that style-conscious Filipinos can choose from to create a distinctive and trendy look.

Women's Ultra Stretch Jeans offer a beautiful and great snug fit minus the constricted feeling. Available in colors of Navy, Black, Blue, Gray. Php1,990.00

UNIQLO’s innovative Stretch Jeans have the look and feel of genuine denim combined with incredible stretch and with designs that come in a rich variety of vivid colors, including traditional indigo. For men, UNIQLO is set to unveil Easy Pants with the look of real denim. All these latest innovations in jeans from UNIQLO. 

Men's Denim Easy Pants has that real denim look that evokes thrill and excitement and delivers an easy, comfortable fir without the stiffness and tightness associated with jeans. A unique choice for outdoor or stay-at-home activities.
Available in blue, dark blue, gray and light gray. Php990.00

A fitting follow-up to the outstanding success of UNIQLO’s Easy Pants spring/summer line, UNIQLO made stylish variations for the Easy Pants by using fabrics and colors designed to perfectly complement the fall/winter season. Made from soft, comfortable corduroy, the new lineup includes warm, fall colors like orange and burgundy as we as a striking blue. 

You'll surely love the warm colors for the Easy Corduroy Leggings Pants for women. It makes a great combination with flowing tops. Available colors in Black, Red, Wine, Orange, Light Beige, Beige, Dark Brown, Dark Green, and Blue. Php990
Corduroy Easy Pants for men are made with a fine-wale corduroy fabric for softness and comfort, and does not constrict movement, perfect for fashion or leisure needs. These loose-fitting pants are right in step with the relaxed feel of the latest styles for this fall. Available in Light Gray, Gray, Red, Orange, Light Brown, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Navy and Purple. Php 990.00

The Ultra Light Down (ULD) collection of UNIQLO for 2012 include men’s and women’s lines in various silhouettes, colors and prints for its more than 100 different items. New designs include a casual yet elegant women’s A-line silhouette with a three-quarter sleeve and a men’s half-length silhouette. The carefully selected prints feature easy-to-coordinate patterns like dots and checks. Not only great outer wear for early fall, Ultra Light Down (ULD) tops are so light and sleek and perfect under layer for mid-winter. The new ULD collection, made with super-fine 20-denier nylon to reduce weight and achieve ultra-lightness, is set to transform the way people around the world dress this winter.

Premium Down Ultra Light Vest. Available in colors, solid-gray, black, red, orange, olive, purple, print-beige, dark brown, blue and navy. Php 2,990
Premium Down Ultra Light Topper Jacket. Available in black, wine, beige, and olive. Php3,990

Men's Premium Down Ultra Light Vest. Available in colors solid-gray, black, red, orange, beige, dark brown, green, olive, dark green, blue-print dark gray, green. Php 2,990

UNIQLO’s Warm Pants and Warm Skirts will surely challenge traditional wisdom when it comes to cold weather fashion. The Warn Skirts, like the Warm Easy Fleece Skirt, and Color HEATTECH Skinny Fit Straight Jeans are women’s favorites for its no-fuss versatility, while for the men, UNIQLO presents the Easy Cargo Pants, and Windproof Chino Pants that provide a chic look for any occasion.

For traveler’s usual winter essentials, the perennial favorite HEATTECH by UNIQLO continues to bring warmth to people all over the world. This season, HEATTECH adds the HEATTECH Lounge Dress and Lounge Pants, and the HEATTECH Crew Neck T-Shirt, with new and fresh prints and designs to make HEATTECH not just a great innerwear but also a fun fashion item.

Those who love great color will find UNIQLO’s Knitwear collection to their liking. With splendidly designed cardigans, tunics and ponchos together with its basic knitwear range that features carefully selected natural fabrics like extra-fine Merino, Geelong lamb wool and cashmere, this season’s Knitwear collection with its robust selection of fabrics and designs will make UNIQLO customers truly feel spoiled with choices.

Heavy Gauge Dolman Sleeve Cardigan. Available in dark gray, dark orange, green, and blue
Men's Fair Isle V Neck Cardigan. Available in two-patterns in 3-colors Php1,490

Men's Extra Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater. Available in off-white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black, red, wine, orange, beige, dark brown, dark green, light blue, blue, navy, light purple, and purple. Php 990
UNIQLO’s Poncho Collection is truly flowing, feminine and utterly versatile, and essentially breathes new life into classic, casual look with jeans. With exciting fabrics that comprise the collection, plus the knits and of course, UNIQLO’s signature fleece, dressing up during fall and winter will be something that’s eagerly anticipated.

Geometric Poncho. Available in gray, red, beige. Php1,490

The UNIQLO Fall and Winter Collection 2012 also feature the UU Collection, a collaboration effort between UNIQLO and UNDERCOVER label of innovative Japanese designer Jun Takahashi. This season will see a cozier and warm look from UU dotted with more greens, navy blues, burgundy and taupe for the men’s and women’s cashmere knitwear and flannels.

Lastly, UNIQLO partnered with several upcoming and talented names in the fashion world under the brand’s Designer’s Invitation Project (DIP) – “Double Standard Clothing” by designer Masahisa Takino, “GVGV” by designer MUG, “Balcony and Bed” by Aya Noguchi, and “Good Morning Beautiful People” by Hidenori Kumakiri – that seeks to produce innovative and unique men’s and women’s clothing truly fitted for the coming season.

With UNIQLO’s extensive fall and winter collection, expect more Filipinos to be more playful and fun in their styling attitude, with a lot of room for mixing and matching to suit their individual fashion flair – despite the biting cold weather.

UNIQLO is a global apparel brand known for its “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy where trends are not followed yet allows people to express themselves through its unique yet high quality and fully functional clothing line.

The first UNIQLO store in the Philippines is located at the 2nd  Floor, Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, opened last June 15, 2012 with store operation from 10AM to 10PM.

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  1. I love love love the look of their jeans and how they fit so perfectly. And for P990 men's jeans and 1,490 for the other...the price is pretty darn good! Thanks for sharing... :)

  2. Did you attend the event yesterday for the press sis? Love the sweaters and leggings :)))


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