Barcino Wine Resto Bar: a Special Place for Special People

My first wine tasting experience is with my loving Dad. He taught me his knowledge about the importance that I should know about wines, its bouquet, its palate, and also their color. Since then I acquired those knowledge from Dad, I overcome the awkwardness to try different wines.

I always find Barcino a special place to dine with my special friends. I mean, maybe because of its unidentified feeling about its cozy Spanish interior, and how they specifically arrange their wine selections. I was so inspired that I finally took these photos from my recent dinner with a friend. 

Another thing I like about this place is how they entertain their customers thru a very approachable manners, pleasant smiles, and of course the classic Spanish music playing in the background. I am a fan of Jennifer Lopez's Spanish musics, especially the "No Me Ames (or Don't Love Me)" , and this is the place that I could here these classics. By the way I dine at their branch in Greenbelt 2. I'm just wishing that they have branch in The Fort too!

This place is very good to relax and unwind with intellectual friends of mine. Photos taken using my Apple iPhone 3GS

Have you ever tried dining at some wine restaurants in town? 

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  1. I prefer going to wine bars than to club.. Probably because I have outgrown clubbing, and prefer good conversations and good drinks and food ;)

  2. I haven't tried yet but I hope I will soon. I think I would appreciate more now the relaxed ambiance rather than the noisy ones that I used to come on to back in my, ahem, "younger" days =)

  3. The place is very interesting, it has a touch of classic and I love it.

  4. Their place is so cozy and the wines seem superb taste.


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