How Do You Reward Yourself For Good Work?

In a typical “day job” you have co-workers, a team, a boss — and everyone has to answer to a higher authority. But being a independent fashion blogger means you are your own boss, and for many, the whole team. So while you may not have someone checking your work or reprimanding you when you over sleep, you also don’t have someone rewarding your jobs well done. You may soon realize that you are a tougher boss on yourself than you might have expected.

Being rewarded for good behaviors is just as important as being tough on yourself. We’ve talked about how goal setting can be the most efficient way of getting your blogging business started (and maintained). But rewarding your progress along the way is just as vital to keeping your sanity — you don’t want to end up feeling like you are constantly running up hill. Take a breather. Reflect.

Maybe you exceeded your monthly traffic goal, or maybe you landed an awesome campaign, (or maybe it’s just Friday!) — whatever the reason is, giving yourself a little pat on the back for your accomplishments is imperative to from keeping yourself from having a blogger burn out. 

Whether it’s a manicure, brownie, a day off, or a little retail therapy, it’s healthy. Giving yourself rewards is a way of keeping yourself motivated, especially when there’s no one else motivating you.

How to Reward Yourself for Your Accomplishments

Think about things that really relax you or items you may want to purchase, and write them down so you have a tangible list. Make one column for “big ticket” items (like a vacation) and one for smaller treats (like a new pair of heels). Making your rewards tangible will help you remember to treat yourself (it’s easy to forget).

Rewards work best when they are realistic. For instance, don’t promise yourself a trip to Paris if you can’t afford it. If a cupcake is more your budget, take that into account.

Now go ahead, treat yourself. 

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