How to Build Good Relationship Beyond Reviews and Giveaways

One of the biggest challenges I've experienced as a blogger is building a more long-lasting relationship with my favorite brands.  It’s been my experience that getting the review or getting the giveaway in the first place is a lot easier than turning that relationship into more than a one-post stand.  But at the same time, who wants to turn their site into nothing more than regurgitated press releases?

What are you looking for in a relationship with a brand? Free swag and gifts for your readers can be great, but I think ultimately (like our real-life relationships) we’re looking for something mutually beneficial.  Maybe you’re hoping to grow that relationship into a brand ambassadorship, paid sponsorship, or a full-time job with the company.  Regardless of what your end goal is, getting from the point of making the contact to the point of a mutually beneficial relationship IS HARD. I've got brands I've worked with for years, who I still have to beg for a lookbook each season!

TIP NO. 01 - I suggest asking what some of their (the brand) objectives are. From there you can get a feeling of where they are even willing to go and grow…and if what you may want to do aligns with their goals! When you know, you’ll have a prime opening to pitch your idea, showing them how their objectives can be reached.

TIP No. 02 - You can also do the direct, but laid back approach - In order to move the relationship beyond the status quo, ask them, in a casual manner, if they may be interested in X (a paid opportunity) that would even more thoroughly spotlight the brand on your site, or casually send them your media kit, in case they might be interested in some sponsored opportunity in the coming months. Keeping it professional, but casual, should make it comfortable to approach. 

When you've been blogging a long time, you inevitably come across some challenges when working with a brand for so long. One of the old one issue that several times happen is when "you've had one solid contact at a brand for a very long time, and that point-person leaves." It’s almost like starting from square one to build your relationship up again with a new person. 

Another biggest struggle in taking the next step is that “we can either underestimate or overestimate ourselves.”  I have found that I surprised myself when I pitched a major brand and they loved it. I had history with them and had an idea and went for it! Was I scared? You bet. But if I did not believe in myself or had the courage to go for it, I wouldn't be here.

TIP NO. 03 - When it comes to remaining memorable, we that you show some common courtesy: In any kind of relationship, being attentive, diligent, and making them a priority (i.e. attending the brand’s events, posting info about them as soon as it’s released) is much-appreciated…doing something courteous and considerate, that requires minimal effort, like sending a thank-you email or even hand written note after you've worked with them on something really can make a difference in distinguishing yourself from the rest.
TIP NO 04 - Believe in yourself, have a game plan, and be professional!

Have you been successful in moving your relationships with brands past giveaways, reviews, and press releases? What tips do you have for the rest of the class?

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  1. I also suggest that even after the event and meeting them, help them thru social media from time to time,like sharing their page or if they have a new promo,share it without asking and not expecting anything in return.That way, they knew they are not wrong working with you previously. :)

    1. i agree more Willa! Hindi yung one-time show lang..

  2. Wow..this post is very inspiring sis! I'm sure these tips will be really helpful to everyone!! <3 Make more of these posts!!! hihihihi :D


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