Summer Fun: Good Weather, Light Dress, Greens and Beautiful Sunshine

The breeze over the pages
tells a story about one heart
and one more.
About a look and a smile
About a dance in the sun
And a dance in their eyes.
About a kiss that feels like ocean
And 3 words that taste so sweet.
There is a flower and it blooms,
in the sand,
in their eyes.
There is a flower that will die...
Those lips, they know they'll say goodbye.
My summer love the winter came
The cold wind scattered us away...
The fire burned to ashes,
Forgetting our hearts.
Do angels cry when lovers die?
I feel their tears fall from the sky...
But although cold took you away,
my memory will always stay.
Within a flower, in a book
that tells a story about one heart
and one more...

by Amanda Larsen

It is said that summer love is always fun and gives us the sweetest memories. Walking in the park holding hand, while eating licking your both favorite ice cream, under the smiling sunshine with light breeze. Or having a stroll with your newest  beau with his dog. No matter what us to do, we should never miss the chances of enjoying every minute of it, have smile and not think of any negative thoughts and feelings. Learn to appreciate even the smallest one - we'll never know what surprises it will bring to us.



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