Beauty Review: SYOSS Hair products

I am surprised to see SYOSS Hair products now available at our favorite supermarkets. I've got mine at Market Market Supermarket and I am really impressed. I didn't expect that they will manufacture it in a sachet pack, and guess what they are way affordable. A dozen sachet just cost less than Php50.00.

I am not sure if they have available TVC, but what I do know is that SYOSS are  one of the products that most upscale salons are using. It is a Japanese hair solution brand. Co-developed and tested by top Japanese hairstylists, SYOSS encompasses hair care, coloration and styling solutions that deliver professional results at an affordable price. 

So I've got mine and I am excited to try it's rumored goodness... and they are right. After using it's shampoo and conditioner, I've noticed that my hair becomes more beautiful than ever. I haven't visited the salon for some months now, but now SYOSS is my newest angels. It backs my hair glowness and smoothness. After using it for two days, gosh I've already noticed my hair's improvement. 

My hair becomes more beautiful and more bouncy, like it was came out from a hair salon. I am totally impressed and now I decided to keep using SYOSS. It saves me a lot of fortune for my hair. :)

For more details, you may visit their website at . 


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