Make-up / Beauty Review: Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Hydrating Concealer


Hello Ladies! Finally I'm sharing to you my review and experience using Benefit Cosmetics Fake-Up Hydrating Concealer. I've been using it for (I guess) more than two months, since I've bought it from Rustans Makati, and I tell you what - I am one happy customer!

The packaging is soo chic. It has a combination of pink and cream colored packaging, and has a size just like your favorite lip colors. The content have these parts: the middle part is the concealer that helps high our unwanted blemishes, and around it is a moisturizer to help the concealer evenly spread on your face

I've been using it more than two months and I am very satisfied with it, even it's a bit pricey I don't care less coz its worth it.
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Selfie pics wearing no make-up. You can noticed my buggy eyes and some pimple scars. It's my typical no make-up morning, and just getting ready to do the weekend shopping and do some errands. With the help of some hint of touch of Fake-up Concealer my face becomes more brighter.

I opt the shades that compliments my natural tone and I am thankful for Claudio for helping me to pick the right shade for me. He also helped me tried their latest foundations, lipglosses etc. Hahaha I really enjoy it! You may check my previous post here.

During application. I use more concealer to cover my dark under-eye.

And here's my photo after I've applied my Fake-up concealer! See the difference? 

my goal for this quarter to complete my all favorite Benefit Cosmetics essentials. I do appreciate how Claudio meticulously and patiently applied make-ups on me. I look fresh and blooming here!

If you happen to pass-by Ayala-Makati please visit Benefit Cosmetics branch at Rustan's Department Store. Benefit Cosmetics are worth your investment ladies :D

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