Un-boxing the Celestial Green Tea in Honey Lemon Ginseng {Photos and Review}

Hello guys!

I wanna share to you my latest green tea favorite - its the Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, in Honey Lemon Ginseng. Maybe most of you doesn't know yet that aside from drinking coffee (my first love), I am also drinking hot tea, preferably green tea. Why? Because it helps me in so many ways! 

Anyway, I'm gonna show you the entire content of my green tea, and also my verdict. :)

At first, I got attracted with its packaging (yeah sometimes I became so biased, my eyes loves colorful things, lol). I love lime colors because its soo refreshing to my eyes. Celestial Green Tea includes natural lemon and honey flavors, ginger, lemon verbena, and Asian Ginseng which really helps to get you some antioxidants. 

There is also a inspiring quotes from its original blend-master, Charlie Baden.

As you opened this box, you can see on almost all sides some inspiring quotes, definition of terms, and the benefits that you can get on drinking teas!

One box contains 10 packets of green tea, which for me I've consumed it for 3 days. The texture is very fine, packed in a white-cotton bags. While I'd unwrapped it, I could really smell its delightful and soothing aroma.

Oh yes, Celestial Green Tea is made exclusively in USA, but also distributed to most part of the globe, including Philippines. 

Here's the ingredients and nutritional information!

Being perfectly healthy is the best wealth that we can acquire. I mean, having a pretty face and perfect body (either naturally acquired or medically modified) are useless if you have very weak immune system, and you prefer to stay at home, because you are worried of getting sick. But do you know that you can get a well-balanced and active lifestyle, by starting in a very simple way? Like for example, instead of taking sodas, or drowning yourself to ventis of your favorite Starbucks sips - try to minimize your dosages and have some alternatives, like drinking a decent green tea.

Yup.. you heard it right. Try to take a decent green tea, and you will see the difference. I am a coffee and tea drinker. Laugh at me, and you may say I am a loser but yeah... I never tried your favorite Starbucks sweet sips. It's never been appealing to me (sorry Starbucks). I've also minimized my soda cravings - now I've been taking 250 ml of soda every week, and since then I switched to taking hot green tea. 

Aside from feeling so relaxed, I've noticed that my metabolism gets better, and I could breath properly, plus my asthma is almost gone. I felt more healthier than before. In addition to that, since green tea is a good source of antioxidants, my skin becomes radiant, (and as my friend said - becomes smoother, yay!) It also helps me to get my beauty sleep. 

My verdict: Ooohh I would love to try its other available variant since I am loving it! You can buy it on leading supermarket (mine I've both at Market Market). You may check their other variants at their site http://www.celestialseasonings.com 

Do you love drinking green tea, or any kind of tea? Share us your thoughts!

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